Monday, 16 April 2012

Parisienne Woodlander

She sits quietly under the surface of the soil hiding from the harsh white light of winter. Come mid Spring the sun's rays encourage new foliage to unfurl above creating dappled shade. It's her cue for showtime!

There's nothing demure about this beautifully showy woodlander that grows in our garden. Miss Paris polyphylla var stenophylla emerges from her Winter slumber in extravagant peacock style, extending her spidery petals and stamen, runway-ready, making shapes that demand the warm light of flashbulbs.

I am addicted to Paris and this is my favorite of all. The glamorous structure of this plant excites me as a gardener and plant lover and reaffirms my love for nature's relentless creativity. The bottom tier of foliage comprises of a whorl of narrow pointed green lanceolate leaves, topped by an amazing green 'flower' whose sepals are as wide as the leaves below, in turn accented by the most elegant petals seen this side of the Rive Gauche. I love Paris in the Springtime!


  1. Hi Paul: That is so beautiful. I've never heard of it. Don't forget to post photos when she is in her full glory..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. What an interesting plant. I'm not familiar with it. Is it native to France? Oh, duh! Guess I could google it. :) Thanks.

  3. Totally do not know this plant but oh..."Paris in the springtime..cue for showtime and runway ready". Love the imagery.

  4. So very chic & with a name like that you'd have to be. I don't know this plant either. Its understated and showy at the same time. Jem.

  5. Dear Paul,
    Paris in spring is always a surprise - but also this lily 'Paris', which I never saw before. "Why has elegance found so little following? That is the reality of it. Elegance has the disadvantage, if that's what it is, that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good education to appreciate it" said Edsger Dijkstra.

  6. That is a stunner, you've got great taste in plants Paul. Never heard of it but its going on my list. Just looked it up, apparently its related to Trillium and Lilies but I'm sure you knew that.

  7. Greetings, Paul! Many thanks for your visit to my new blog. Wonderful finding you. Add me to the list...can't say I know this plant either. I'll be sourcing it this weekend, after watering the gardens. We're in desperate need of rain on this side of the pond. Watering away in DC, Loi

  8. I've never heard of this, but this plant looks wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello Paul,

    I've never see this plant of my live. But, you have a grat taste!

    Thanks for sharring

  10. Pretty leaves! =)

  11. Oh Paul, this is beautiful and very elegant. The petals as mere threads are so unusual.

    How could such a plant go unheard of. I must find some for my garden.

    I now also love Paris polyphylla in the Springtime.

    Daphne X

  12. Hi Paul,

    Such a glamorous name for a plant! I loved your beautiful description of it. It's pure poetry :-)!

    Enjoy your evening!


  13. Who doesn't love Paris in the springtime! Great post! You have a great way with words.

  14. Paul- you have the most unusual and beautiful plants in your garden-- I'd love to walk through your gardens- they must be stunning. I love this wonderful plant too!!