Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pierre Hermé Macarons

Now, I do like a macaron so whilst passing through Belgravia this week I thought it was the ideal time to treat myself to some Easter treats at Pierre Hermé.

Situated in a slick boutique on Lowndes Street with Christian Louboutin and Amouage as neighbours Chef Pâtissier Pierre Hermé has brought  his gourmet macarons to Belgravia in central London. Already a huge hit in Paris, with a cult following in Japan where he has multiple boutiques, he creates his signature macarons alongside seasonal collections, artisan chocolates and teas. With an incredibly exciting range of traditional, adventurous and exotic flavours such as.....

Olive Oil & Mandarin Orange
Strawberry & Wasabi
Pistachio, Ceylon Cinnamon & Morello Cherries
Jasmin Flower & Jasmine Tea
Marron Glacé
Chocolate, Coffee & Aniseed
Violet & Liquorice
Orange, Campari & Grapefruit
Rose, Litchi & Raspberry
Fresh Mint
Orange, Carrot & Ceylon Cinnamon
Peach, Apricot & Saffron
Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit
and the infamous Fig & Foie Gras

Pierre Hermé's fragrant macarons are light and airy, delicately flavoursome and very generous in their fillings. I never know which flavour to begin with when I get my coveted bounty of hand selected macarons home. I love to eat them in a gourmet russian roulette style, selecting one and blindly tasting and savouring the flavours to detect each ingredient in turn. The original full box of twelve that I purchased didn't make it to the photograph stage, six mysteriously dissapeared.
The temptation was just too strong for us, oops!


  1. Paul: You naughty boy eating all those delights up before we got a peek at them!! Happy Easter Day..Judy

  2. Campari and Grapefruit you say!! Oh MG!
    What a selection of flavors and beautiful presentation!

  3. Hello Paul... oh my, they all sound delish!... I don't think I could wait to eat them till I got home either... Happy Easter to you!... xoxo Julie Marie PS My niece lives in London... maybe I shall ask her to make a trip there for me...

  4. Pistachio and Morello Cherry sound amazing. Thanks Paul its going on my list now....

  5. What a fabulous combination of flavours.

    Violet and Liquorice sounds very interesting.


  6. When is not the right occasion to enjoy a macaron?!
    Thank you for stopping by at MFCH

    joyeuses paques!

  7. A Jasmin flower macaron from Pierre Hermé It doesn't get any better than this.


  8. Macarons with fig and foie gras filling? How interesting! Did you try that flavor?

  9. Dear Paul,
    over Easter I read "The Mysterious Affair of the Macarons" and followed their scent deep into London. Took out my little pink book and jotted a note: place of investigation will be Pierre Hermé, and I think I have a clue who might be under suspicion.
    Is it a red herring when they speak in 'Leon. Baking and Puddings', which I just translated for the German publisher DuMont, of also lovely macarons at Claire Ptak's stall 'Violet' at Broadway Market, Hackney?

  10. I guess if I could only choose one, I'd choose the Rose, Litchi & Raspberry. Hummm all of a sudden I'm starving!!!

  11. Wow, I need some of those Pierre Herme Macarons NOW!

  12. Step away from the Macarons with your hands in the air, they're MINE! All the flavours sound very very tasty. Jem Xx

  13. Dear Paul, please please please pick me up a box next time you go.

  14. Paul- I love macaroons too-- I'm sure this is THE very best place for such treats!! You just gotta splurge sometimes!!