Sunday, 1 April 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Giveaway

To celebrate her Diamond Jubilee the 'Queen's favourite grocer' Fortnum & Mason on London's Piccadilly has launched a range of luxury products marking the Queen's 60 year reign.
The store has a reputation for selling the finest luxury goods and the Jubilee range bears a new crest featuring the 10 Queen's Beasts, the real and mythical creatures that represent the monarchy, the Lion of England, the Unicorn of Scotland, the Greyhound of Richmond and the Griffin of Edward III to name a few.

Fortnum and Mason has maintained it's close ties with royalty throughout its 304 year history. When the luxury store first opened in 1707, its staff were also footmen to Queen Anne at St James's Palace. It currently holds royal warrants from the Queen and Prince Charles.

Followers of The Magical Christmas Wreath Company's Blog can take part in our Diamond Jubilee Giveaway.

We have a fun Diamond Jubilee giveaway of five goodies from Fortnum & Mason........

1. A Jute Diamond Jubilee Fortnum & Mason bag
2. A decorative caddy of specially commissioned Jubilee Blend Tea
3. A musical biscuit tin of clotted cream chocolate biscuits/cookies that plays God Save The Queen
4. A Diamond Jubilee Tea Towel by Emma Bridgewater
5. A set of four Royal Cupcake stand Thrones.

To be in with a chance of winning the free giveaway you must be a follower of this blog and post a comment below. Join up and join in. One entry per follower. Its a simple as that.
One winner of all the goodies will be picked at random from the comments below on the 30th April 2012. Good luck.


  1. Hi Paul- is this fun or what!! I'd love to be over there taking part in all the festivities. I love your Queen- she is a remarkable woman. There is a new book out about her and I'm hoping to read it soon. Your giveaway items are just perfect for the celebration.

    Thanks for your visit this morning- I love hearing from you.
    Have a great Sunday afternoon! I have to work :(


  2. Paul, this is an incredible giveaway. Fortnum and Mason's products are absolutey fabulous. I'm looking forward to all the celebrations.

  3. Fab, count me in. Now this is what I call an exciting giveaway. Very generous prize indeed.

  4. What a great grand prize, I am looking forward to celebrating the Jubilee and this is far and away the best way to kickstart the party. I will tweet this in the week.
    BB x

  5. I love great tea and I love cookies that come in musical tins:)
    I think its great that followers can enter regardless of which country they live in too. What a great idea and giveaway Paul. Good luck.

  6. I'm really looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, even though were in NY that main weekend in June we are already planning to get together with lots and lots of people for a big 'knees -up'! Jem

  7. I can't resist F&M products. And this being a Diamond Jubilee year, I can't think of a better way of celebrating it than with a F&M hamper. My fingers are crossed!


  8. Hello Paul... thank you so much for visiting me at my blog this morning, for now I have found yours... it is wonderful and I just signed up to follow you... I would love a chance to win those fabulous gifts... I look forward to fixing myself a cup of coffee and browsing through your older posts... xoxo Julie Marie PS I must say, you are very easy on the eyes... love your profile pic!

  9. Hi Paul: Thanks for visiting my Cottage. I hope you will return. I was reading your older post about the Alice in Wonderland tea. What a fun idea. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you..Happy Sunday..Judy

  10. Oh yes, please!!
    I'm gladly a follower, and I so appreciate your kind comments on my blog!
    Happy Spring to you!

  11. as a massive anglophile, i would love to join in. the end of june and again in september will find me back in england......always excited!
    this lovely hamper would bring england to me.....ahhhh imagine!
    lovely post paul

  12. Dear Paul,
    these are luxurious prizes you offer! Though - "Unlucky at cards but lucky in love" - I rarely win at a lottery, I will join in gladly. Just to jot down a note in my pink little 'Tips for England-Book' that Fortnum&Mason is offering a musical bicuit tin for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee means: I am also winning if I don't :-)

  13. Count me in, I would love a chance to win a Musical Cookie and
    Royal Tea.

    I will tweet this tonight. SW

  14. What being involved in the Queens business...Happy to see their great products and the handsome picture of I win...

  15. Am I the only person on Earth who didn't know you?
    Well, we are now correcting this oversight, I'm following you too.

  16. Hi Paul,

    I wish we Dutch celebrated Royal anniversary's the way you English do! Those presents look really nice. I would love to take part. I hope it's ok if I put a link to your giveaway on my blog?

    Enjoy your evening,


  17. What a lovely gift to offer to your blog followers. How I wish my name is the lucky one drawn. Should be a good year in England with all the celebrations, nice time to visit.

  18. Paul, What a fabulous and fun giveaway! I'd love to win. Thanks for letting me know your "comments" thing was fixed. I'm really enjoying your blog.

  19. So why did I ever let my 1977, I think, Queen's t-shirt go away? Darling sister brought it back, and yes, all I got was the t-shirt.

    Totally understand your blog name. You are too cute Paul.

    Are you ever thru Atlanta? Got friends you should meet!!!!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  20. What a fabulous prize... one of my favourite, favourite shops... xv

  21. What a nice prize! I'd like the turquoise tin in particular even if it were empty!

  22. oh, my, what a treasure of a prize! Please toss my name in the lucky hat!

  23. Hi Paul,
    Thank you very much indeed for your visit, your lovely comment and to be a follower! You are heartily welcome!

    Wouldn't mind to have 'something' from Fortnum § Mason, one of my favorite shop in London :) :)

    Warmest greetings to UK from the Périgord,

    P.S. I was nearly sure that I wrote already a comment, maybe it disappeared in the cyber space or....or....

  24. Hi Paul,

    Just read your comment on my blog. So sorry I did not add GUY! You must be one of my four male followers :-)!!!

    A Happy Easter weekend to you too! Let's hope we will get some more sun.


  25. Hi Paul,
    Fantastic giveaway! I'm a follower and a lover of anything Fortnum & Mason, or British for that matter!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for offering this generous giveaway. Happy Easter! ~Delores

  26. So, I found you because of Marsha!
    I am now following and happy to see this giveaway. I am quite the Royalist and collect all the coronation memorabilia... I even met Princess Diana face to face when she was here in Chicago! Such a show off, I know, but it's such a fond memory for me!
    I am following you now! Would be happy to mention this giveaway on my blog.
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  27. How exciting !
    Fortnum and Mason, is there anything finer :)
    It's going to be a wonderful celebration....
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Count me in. I can't believe what a great giveaway this is. Aveline.

  29. That jute bag is fabulous!I would tote it around my little "red-neck Riviera" town with pride! Thank you for the opportunity!...k

  30. A little birdy told me about this on facebook, so I ran right over. I want in too:)

  31. what a lovely idea - please count me in.

  32. I am a Royal follower, collector and great fan of the Royals from way back. I hope I have a chance to win and add to my collection.

  33. Hi There - I hope being #34 will bring me lots of luck! Please include moi. With thanks, Loi

  34. Just found your great blog via Madelief. Would love to win this fab prize. Please count me in ... M

  35. I found you via Parisienne Farmgirl's blog - what a wonderful prize!

    I lived in the UK for several years when I was growing up. (East Anglia, to be exact).

    I've already bought the first-day covers from the Royal Mail. This would be a lovely addition to my Diamond Jubilee Collection.

    Now a follower :)

  36. I just came across your blog. I LOVE it!! I'm down on the coast at Hastings. Lovely giveaway!

  37. Nothing like finding a fun new blog to follow. Please enter me in your contest. The musical biscuit tin and cupcake thrones would be great fun to use!

  38. Dear Paul - so pleased that you found my blog and I in turn found yours, only to discover that you have such a lovely Queen's Diamond Jubilee Giveaway.

  39. I've found you just a few seconds before ane will be a follower just in a few seconds because I loooooove England, the Queen, the garden of England, Tenterden, Scotland, everything royal and ....your posts soooo much. Will follow you everywhere I am. We will be in GB on the Queen's jubilee!!! Yeahhhhh!
    I love to take part in your give away.
    Lovely hugs

  40. I LOVE Fortnum & Mason. Wouldn't it be fun to go on a shopping spree there and buy everything that looked yummy? Basically the contents of the entire store!

    We stayed at a lovely home in Dale, Pembrokeshire last summer. In the garage was an old red bicycle with a vintage picnic basket firmly attached to a rack on the back. It had chipped paint but was still legible, F & M!