Sunday, 13 May 2012

Everyone say cheese!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I enjoy my weekend pilgrimage to visit one of the best cheese shops in England to set me up for the day. La Fromagerie's tasting cafe in London's Marylebone is my destination but I'm not here to eat cheese for breakfast but La Fromagerie's divine 'vapourised' egg and soldiers.

No big deal really its just a boiled egg and some toast but I like the nostalgic, simple, cosy feel of the breakfast paired with the stylish, relaxed, friendly ambience and I'm not alone. Walking into the cafe today everyone was eating the same thing! They also serve my favourite Florentine roasted coffee from a lovely retro 1961 Italian Faema espresso machine which I love to guzzle greedily after my breakfast whilst flicking through the newspapers.

The promise of purchasing some fabulous cheese and produce from the store after eating my little breakfast has me counting the days until I get my weekly fix.

On the cheese tasting board from La Fromagerie tonight

Abbaye De Trois Vaux ~ Haut Artois, N. France
A beer-washed supple Cows milk cheese handmade by Nuns from the Abbey alongside Trappiste Monks from the Mont Des Cats Monastery. Beer and nuns, who can resist!

Persille Du Marais ~ Vendée, W. France
An intense blue Goat's milk cheese with a very bittersweet chocolate accent, the goats graze in an area known as the Venice of France with its picturesque meandering canals. Those naughty Goats are famed for leaping into the canals. This is my favourite cheese of all.

St Marcelin Aux Marc De Raisin ~ Rhone Alps, France
A soft, fresh, tangy, 'Drunken' Cows milk cheese that is immersed in vine pressings after wine making to give it a vinous taste.

Banon Feuille ~ Provence
A soft, creamy textured goats cheese dipped in Eau de Vie sprinkled in Pepper and wrapped in chestnut leaves.

Saint Nectaire ~ Auvergne
Soft golden pate Cow's milk cheese with an aroma reminscent of earthy wild mushrooms with a dimpled russet crust with grey velvety moulds matured on straw mats.

Caprini Tartufo ~ Piedmont
The ultimate luxury treat. A fresh zingy handmade Goats cheese topped with shaved truffles.

Camembert Au Calvados ~ Normandy
A traditional farmhouse Cow's Milk cheese which has it's rind removed and is then carefully dipped in a boozy Calvados and Cider mixture then covered in a fine biscuit crumb which gives a fruity apple brandy sweetness.

Cathare ~ Lauregais, Carcassonne
Coffee saucer shaped nutty flavoured Goat's milk cheese covered in ash, emblazoned with the cross of the Cathars (A medieval religous group living in and around Carcassonne in the middle ages)

Fromage Figuettes
Rich goats cheese figs with rind dusted in Paprika and cinders.

After three lets all say cheese.......One, Two, Three!


  1. Paul- you DO know all the good places in town don't you!! This is wonderful on so many levels-- so beautiful- great ambiance-- the food and cheese!! You definately scored big for your start to the day! Yes- I'd go there to get boiled eggs too!!


  2. Great coffee and munchies, mmmm, I'd love it.

  3. You have great taste in cheese and breakfast:) Thank you for sharing dear Paul.

  4. Dear Paul - all sounds absolutely delicious, good cheese and fresh crusty bread - what could be better. Egg and soldiers always takes me back to childhood memories - but Paul, whatever is a vapourised egg?

    1. According to our wonderful hostess the eggs are cooked using some kind of vapour gadgetry. We love the space age sound of it. :)

  5. Paul, looks like you sure know how to live, and such a beautiful shop. What a great place for breakfast and relaxation. I'm living through you. You guys have all the great places over there..Judy

  6. cheese! What a lovely spot - thanks for taking us along!

  7. We love that area of London...always go to Golden Hind for fish and chips. Will check out La Fromagerie next time. There's also a lovely 2 floor book store....forgot the name. I never knew what little soldiers meant, until recently. Ciao, Loi

  8. what a beautiful shop...wish I could be there...Oh and you were right I told Tina she was meant for Vogue Mag. and she agreed completely and went and took a must be a cat therapist....phyllis

  9. Hello Paul:
    What a wonderful treat. And yes, there is something splendidly satisfying about a boiled egg and toasted soldiers for breakfast nursery food at its best. Marylebone High Street, we think, is always well worth a visit.

    Thank you so much for the comment left on our recent post and to which we have made reply. Perhaps one day we can tempt you to follow?!!

  10. I have a food blog on my online news each Friday. I would really like to use this awesome post if you don't mind (with your link of course)

  11. Boiled egg and toast always hits the spot but the CHEESES! Yum, what a beautiful shop and lucky you to have so many wonderful places to visit. My daughter and I are of the mind that if we were to have only one meal for the rest of our lives, it would be cheese, crusty sourdough bread, butter and fruit! Cheese is my weakness! I have rarely found one I did not like. Perfect picnic food....

  12. Mmm cheese and wine, you would have a job keeping me away from that place. Jem X

  13. La fromagerie looks like heaven to me. I will make a point of remembering to take a large shopping bag so I can stock up after my egg'n'soldiers. The Saint Nectaire & Abbaye des trois sound deliciously good.

  14. ah!! les fromages français sont tellement bons.
    Bonne journée

  15. Sometimes being vegan sucks. ;) I'd break the rules for these however!

  16. Oh my word... pure poetry to mine tastebuds...

    PS Having a lonnng visit here!!! Spamming!

  17. Paul, A yummy breakfast with eggs and soldiers then shopping for a huge variety of cheeses will really jump start a fantastic morning! I'm impressed with your sharp knowledge about cheeses. I'm adding La Fromagerie on my next go to list for London.