Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Slice of Linley Giveaway

With the most important weekend in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations almost upon us I took a trip to interior designer, furniture and cabinetmaker Linley in Belgravia this week to see the beautiful Limited Edition Diamond Jubilee boxes that have been created by the Queen's nephew to mark this most auspicious event.

The handcrafted Jubilee Boxes are created in walnut with an exquisite lid decorated with the iconic Union Flag portrayed using glossy Bolivar marquetry. Featuring a Sterling silver commemorative plaque on the inner lid along with the Diamond Jubilee and Linley hallmark they can be used as either a jewellery box, a humidor or just for your keepsakes and they have now gone straight to the top of my Jubilee wishlist.
Price: £3900.00 / $6035.00

 A Slice of Linley Giveaway

We have three miniature slices of Linley to give away for fun. Fashioned from Cherry, Elm and Sycamore wood, each of these lovely little Linley engraved cheese doorstops have been lovingly wrapped and come gift boxed by the gorgeous people at Linley who were so nice to me when I visited last week. 

To be in with a chance of winning the giveaway you must be or become a follower of this blog worldwide and post a comment below.
So Join up and join in.
One entry per follower.
Three winners will be picked at random from the comments below on the 11th June 2012. Good luck!


  1. Oh how beautiful!... I would so love to win one of those stunning boxes in honor of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee Celebration... my niece lives in London now and has emailed me photos of all of the preparations... how exciting a time it must be for all of you across the pond this week!... of course I have been a follower ever since I found your lovely blog... thank you for a chance to win... xoxo Julie Marie PS I have also enjoyed all of your posts in the countryside and the lovely flowers you show...

  2. Oh Yes, I am a follower and I would love to win this fun giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance.
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Dear Paul - that is a very exceptional gift to give away. David Linley was trained by Furniture Designer, John Makepeace, who is an old friend of ours.

  4. This is a wonderful giveaway! The Jubilee box is exquisite but I'd be happy to win the cheese slice door stop. What a conversation piece that would be! Thank you for the opportunity. I am a follower. Pamela

  5. Paul,

    What a treat to see these beautiful boxes. I wish I was going o be there to celebrate the jubilee. But I guess seeing it on tv will have to suffice.

    I am a follower. Thank you by the way for visiting my blog.


  6. I am already a follower. Can't wait to check out these awesome boxes!

  7. I'd follow you and that slice of cheese anywhere. What a jubilee...
    Things with a sense of humor always make my day.....this would make my day or my door smile too.
    I would have to say "who moved my cheese?" (if I won!)
    Thanks for a cheeky giveaway.

  8. Hello Paul:
    We should be total hypocrites if we pretended here, for your wonderful and very generous giveaway, to have any interest, even the slightest, in HM The Queen or, indeed, her Diamond Jubilee.

    That said, the Linley shop in Pimlico is well known to us and does, as you yourself know, have the most wonderful items for sale and he, DH, is a most talented designer and craftsman which makes, in our view, any connection with the Royal Family, of which he has a strong one, something to be completely and utterly overlooked!!

    May we have the temerity to ask to be entered for your draw?

  9. Me too? This is one beautiful box.

    I thought I already was a follower but I'm in now.

    Lovely giveaway.

    xo Jane

  10. I'm certainly a 'follower' and enjoying every post. I love seeing bits of English life - which I miss - through your eyes, you do it stylishly and with a humor that's refreshing.

    I'm familiar with Lindley's beautiful work - recently just stood in awe of his towering rendition of the Queen Elizabeth gracing the grand staircase on Cunard's great ship, it really was so beautiful. Love the boxes and the boxes they're packaged in.

    A wee slice of cheese would be perfect here - we've had a mouse problem again!! Hopefully, if they tried to nibble something this hard it would put them off ever returning! PLEASE add my name Paul it would be a wonderful little wedge of England to grace my humble cottage..............and I am a cheese-aholic. A Stilton Ploughman's or a nice Welsh Rarebit come to mind, even though it's only breakfast time here!

    Watching the Thames pageant is in the cards this weekend - can't wait to see Britain at her best - even at distance.
    Thanks for the chance to win - Mary

    P.S. Appreciate the good wishes for my safari trip - the hippos are the most dangerous, have to stay clear of them!!!!!

  11. You are one of my favs and I love your dear comments you leave for me. You always make me laugh!

  12. Already looking for exterior bunting to celebrate July 4th. Why so early?

    Want to honor the QUEEN too!!!!

    Found some but toooo cheap. Want fabulous but little expense.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    30 years designing landscapes.....have earned the wine/canapes.

  13. What cute doorstops! Would love to stop in Linley next time we are in London. Belgravia is so elegant. Thank you for offering your readers something so charming!

  14. I am your newest follower - I am off to read thru some old posts!

  15. Dear Paul,
    your first tip drove me to Fortnum&Mason - I went there twice and schlepped away two times subtle turquoise bags, filled for dear ones at home (and for my landlady, and H. D.).
    That beautiful chest looks like a perfect humidor for Son (will they still sell it in September, when I see London again?)
    With your slice-of-linley-giveaway this time I may have luck - though I still prefer love... The door stoppers look like a superb addition to (E.F.Benson's) Lucia's collection of "humour in furniture" (You know Lucia? She's a MUST - as Georgie, my favourite, is. Une, due, tres...)

    1. Dear Britta, What a lucky landlady to get gifts from F&M.

      It did dawn on me today that our giveaways so far seem to all come in turquoise coloured boxes or bags. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

      When Linley sell all the limited edition Britannia boxes they do have a oak, walnut & sycamore marquetry topped version. I would guess that they will sell outof the more colourful design before September.

  16. I need all three, Paul. Too many doors in our old house. Ok, I know the rules... Fingers crossed.

  17. Hi Paul!
    I found you through my dear friend Rosemary. And lucky me! You are having a giveaway! I would love to participate ( and win!) . Just became a follower : )

    Wishing you a lovely weekend

  18. I was visiting Mary at A Breathe of Fresh Air this morning and saw your comment. The name of your blog caught my eye so I though I would pop over. Thank you for the chance to win this delightful gift!

    I have signed up to be a follower and now I am off to read more of your posts.

  19. I love those window boxes... truly fab... and the doorstops are heavenly... xv

  20. Paul how wonderful!! Thank you for this little slice of heaven!

    Art by Karena

  21. Hi Paul,
    I read about your giveaway at Donna's Blog! I hope it's a worldwide giveaway (cause I live in Austria - close to Vienna)! For "compensation" I invite you to join my little giveaway, too :o)
    Best wishes & happy weekend,

  22. Oh Paul - you are just killing me with all of the jubilee festivities -- I think in my heart -- I should have been born on the OTHER side of the pond---

    Your contest is lovely -- you must have had a wonderful time at the shop. The Jubilee box is truly a beautiful keepsake -- did you purchase one?


    1. Unfortuneately my budget wasn't up to the $6000 price tag Vicki, but I did treat myself to some smaller items.

  23. I love when design is simple, clever and well made with good materials. These doorstops are such a lovely idea. Did you know there is a slice of cheese HOUSE here in Hastings? x