Friday, 6 July 2012

London Undercover Umbrella Giveaway

Rain has been the dominating weather feature here in the UK so far this summer. I think most of us have given up waiting for it to pass and thrown ourselves headfirst into the wet stuff to continue with our daily lives even with frizzy hair.

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So, in honour of the rain, to brighten the grey skies and to protect your 'barnets' we have the fabulous Umbrella below to giveaway from our favourite luxury umbrella company London Undercover who have recently taken the humble brolly to new heights.

The London Undercover Pigeon Umbrella has a premium double layer with a smart black exterior and a witty London pigeon monogram on it's interior. With a traditional wooden shaft and handle made from beech which features a plate engraved with the London Undercover logo.
Combining both functionality with style, it has us begging for the heavens to open. 

The London Undercover Pigeon Umbrella usually retails at  £120 / $195

It's very simple to enter our gorgeous free giveaway.

All welcome, new and existing followers. Join up and join in. One entry per person.

To be in with a chance of winning just......
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One lucky winner will be picked at random from the comments below on 7th August 2012. Good luck!


  1. What a beautiful brolly! Nothing say "London" like pigeons. I have a photograph of me as a child in Trafalgar Square feeding them.

  2. Can you enter if you are already following? Hope so, as I think this must be one of the most beautiful umbrella's I have ever seen!!! How generous you are to your blog friends. Thanks so much Paul.

  3. Wow! Love this umbrella! Would love to be the lucky winner!

  4. Well, got to love London in the rain especially if carrying this beautiful, well made and durable London Umbrella. I would love to win it to remind me always of my favourite city. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. holy cow! do you mean somewhere in the world, it is really and truely raining?!?! i don't even remember what it is like. we are having record high temps and an extreme drought here in tennessee...please send some of your rain my way!
    nice give away! i am already following.

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by Monkey Grass Hill. I'm so glad to find you, what a beautiful blog. I have to spend some time exploring more. I just became your newest follower.


  7. Hi Paul, I'm back from Africa and an amazing safari, trying now to catch up. What do I see, a beautiful brollie, perfect for the British Isles where I hear the rain is falling non-stop, whereas here it's been 100-106F every day since my return! So, don't need a brollie BUT would love a parasol with pigeons!

    Cute garden tip - visited a friend's home and she had put a large brollie over hew newly planted hydrangea to shield it from the burning rays! My huge hydrangea bushes that were so pretty and blue when I left are now burnt to a crisp - I wept when I saw them.

    Happy weekend - hope the sun shines for you soon.

  8. That is a beautiful giveaway Paul! What a gorgeous umbrella. I love the underside as it makes the 'sky' brighter when carrying it in the rain. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. I do hope the sun comes out soon. It seems to be the opposite here in North America where some areas desperately need rain. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  9. What a wonderful giveaway. It has been raining here quite a lot too. I am a follower...

  10. How lucky that I saw this wonderful giveaway Paul before locking the lid on my suitcase and off.

  11. Have just discovered your wonderful blog after a bit of 'super sleuthing' via your comments on other blogs! It's always a pleasure to stumble across a good British blog - looking forward to investigating further, so settling down with a good mug of Earl Grey in between the tennis!

    Brilliant giveaway - it would be very much appreciated up here in Norfolk, although a combination of umbrella and bikini would be even better since one never knows how the weather will turn during these schizophrenic 'Summer' days!
    Best wishes, now following and will be back often.
    Paula xxx

  12. Good morning Paul!

    I was very pleased to see that you left a comment yesterday for my ocean adventure! Here I am in the states, experiencing a heat wave (100+ temps Farenheit) and you my friends across the pond, have been having so much RAIN!!! So sorry.

    I would LOVE to enter your giveaway! I have joined, and your blog is fabulous!!! I so love the black and white designs and any one of those designs would do well for me!

    Have a pleasant day and I so hope your rain subsides and that sunny days are ahead! Anita

  13. Please post photos and funny comments about your own frizzy hair!

  14. Hello Paul,

    Beautiful collages! Love them! The weather is strange all over the world, we are scorching in Va, hoping it will cool off soon.

    What a wonderful umbrella and attitude to go with it, if it has been raining for that long one must just get on with life.

    I am already a follower. And I would love to be in your giveaway.

    Thank you for your comments, nice to have you visit.


  15. Paul what a wonderful giveaway. Everyone needs a fabulous umbrella (or several) Oh yes I am a follower!
    Art by Karena

  16. What a lovely way to embrace the weather! I'm told that in Washington State, where I just visited, that it rains so often that the local folks don't bother to carry umbrellas. It's how they can tell you're a visitor. I went for the frizzy hair myself!

  17. New follower - gorgeous blog - looking forward to reading past and future postings. Love the brolly. xo - Susan

  18. So nice to find you! I lived in England as a child... and had a beautiful black umbrella like the one you are featuring... of course, we needed it... often!!!!
    What a fabulous giveaway and BLOG!
    I am a new follower!

  19. Hey Paul - Even though gray is one of my favorite colors, I think rain nearly every day might be a bit depressing :-( Our heatwave in DC is not much better, but at least it's sunshine. BTW, your photo collage is brilliant! Reminds me of mosaic tiles. Fingers crossed....hope to be the lucky winner ;-)

  20. Well, it's the brollies time, again, again, again, again.................

  21. Just testing if my comment went through.

  22. Love the umbrella! And how lovely your blog is! Good luck with the rain. Take care.

  23. hallo
    oh,sind es schöne bilder.Ich benutze nie ein Regenschirm,aber trotzdem gefallen sie mir.Dein blog ist auch sehr interessant
    lieben gruss Christa

  24. Dear Paul,
    so I'm just back in time to partake. We are melting here in Berlin, but then suddenly it pours down (in one night 3000 flashes in half an hour! a real light show!). I like the 50s cap on photo 1 and "I'm singing in the rain...." But IF I win - I might need an umbrella in September, when I'm in London again :-)

  25. Oh Paul---- What this wouldn't do for my spirits on a rainy day! The umbrella is totally killer-- and I would truly love to be the lucky winner-- like everyone else who has left a comment here!!!

    Thanks Paul - this is wonderful and generous -- I will share this with my readers -- will post it on my sidebar-

  26. I like the rainy window... and the related umbrella; and your blog in general. I will follow you and announce your blog on my website.


  27. I thought that was Audrey Hepburn in the first photo. Love the gingham. I'm using a garish brolly my mum gave me when mine blew to pieces in a gale.

  28. Dear heart I feel as if I am in London with you....the world outside my window is wet wet wet!! Not to mention freezing!!! And yes, the hair is showing fizzy frivolity like nobodies business!! Over here the wind murders a brolly just as soon as you put it up so we tend to wear hats and make dash for flattening the frizzy hair on the top...tsk tsk.. you get the picture and it ain't a pretty one....


  29. Paul....Thanks so much for visiting my lowly blog..
    I appreciate that you take the time...
    We need rain here...everything starting to crispy up!!

    Linda :o)

  30. Hi Paul,

    That umbrella looks great! I could use it over here in Holland too. We probably have the same sort of summer weather :-) I will put a link on my blog!

    Thank you for putting the link to my giveaway on your blog too. I appreciate it very much!!

    Have a lovely evening, from a rainy Rotterdam :-(


  31. This is where the rubber meets the road, right?

    Give away a fabulous umbrella-worldwide- and see how many people love to read to your blog!

    Well you know I do so count me in!

    xo Jane

  32. Well in Houston it has been raining daily as well!! Would have been perfect to have as I got poured on so many times!! Love your blog!

  33. Greetings from Vancouver Island, where we're not called the "Wet Coast" for nothing! I'll link you're contest to my Blog too.

  34. Oh if you would just send some rain to our parched and toasty land, then I could use that lovely umbrella!;)

  35. Oh my gosh - though we are in a drought, I want this, I want this, I want this!!!!
    I haven't had a proper umbrella in years!
    Thanks for your comment - hope you enjoy your cake!
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  36. I want summer, too, but I can´t find it. Not in Germany, not in England .... . Where is summer gone?? So I would love this wonderful umbrella but I´m also hoping the sun will come out often and often and often this summer. But this can´t be a problem, so I would use the umbrella as an sun-umbrella!!!
    Lovely hugs

  37. Great giveaway!!!!

    Love the umbrella.

  38. Hi. Like in England we here in Holland have had so much rain. Can I enter your give away as I could use a good umbrella.:)))And it is beautiful too. I am your newest follower.
    Riet, Holland

  39. Thanks Paul:) Well If someone needs a cute umbrella ITS ME haha...It is the worst summer weather in years here in Gothenburg. We soon need boats to get around instead of cars:)

    I wish you a non rainy week

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  40. what a beautiful umbrella. just lost my grandmothers 50 years old Knirps.

  41. I LOVE this umbrella! I am a follower already, so enter me please :)

  42. n i c e! J'adore brollies Paul! A bientot.

  43. Hi Paul,
    So happy to have 'found' you via Paula @Mrs Sutton.
    We def need your brolly here in not so sunny Hertfordshire. It's tipping it down again.
    Looking forward to reading your older posts.
    Have a lovely day.

  44. I never thought I'd get excited about an umbrella, but these are amazing. I would LOVE one.

  45. What a fantastic giveaway! As much as I would love to keep this umbrella for myself (should I win) I know I would give it to my mother. She is an umbrella fanatic! Luckily if I don't win, I now know where to buy her Christmas present!
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  46. I follow you! That umbrella looks fabulous!

  47. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity :-) I'm your newest GFC follower now!

  48. The pigeons are brilliant! Up here in Scotland they are always eating fish and chip suppers, I think ours must have the lowest mortality rate in the UK!

  49. Hi Paul,

    Lovely to discover your blog, via Madelief.
    This umbrella is fabulous, but hopefully you will not be needing them there and you will be able to enjoy some summer now.
    Following your blog.

    Happy weekend

  50. Hello Paul, i certainly appreciate your giving me the chance to participate, despite me being at the other side of your world. We only have 2 seasons, the dry and the wet. Our dry season from Dec to May has been difficult being very hot and humid, we almost rain-danced for the rains to come. Rains arrived one month late, and now it seems too eager to pour whatever has been withheld for long, and we are having problems again of floods and landslides! OMG, but an umbrella will certainly be very helpful. hahaha, thanks....Andrea

  51. Just found you and gleeful that you have this wonderful umbrella to give away. Given the summer we have had in Wales so far this would be so welcome. I have always dreamed of having a beautiful umbrella for life instead of a £4 one which lasts until the wind picks :-)

    Your blog is beautiful and I am now your newest Welsh followed. Your post on Lake Vrnwy is fantastic. One of the jewels in the Welsh crown!

    Great to meet you.

  52. Great give away for the UK. But not so great for the woods here. Wonderful sky series. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  53. Awesome clicks!
    Please see mine at:
    --your latest follower

  54. I make that 36 shades of grey! Up here in Lincoln we've had the full 50 (posted last week - safe for work). And there was some excellent advice on umbrellas by Mrs Mills at the back of the the most recent Sunday Times Style mag - I suspect that owners of the London Undercover Pigeon Umbrella are untroubled by such issues.

  55. I ask, "Who couldn't use such a lovely umbrella whereas the beauty part is underneath?" I'm now a follower: I came by way of Weekend Reflections. Loved it.

  56. It seems to be raining everywhere. We are getting it every afternoon. Love the underside of the umbrella. Very impressive. This is my first visit to your is wonderful...and just look at all the new followers you have. I will add my name to the list. Your sky mosaics are stunning. What a fabulous way to present them. genie

  57. Love a great umbrella! Joined as a follower!

  58. I would love to throw my hat in the ring for the fabulous giveaway! I am a follower! Thanks for sharing this at Potpourri Friday!

  59. Just joined your blog and am enjoying reading through older posts. The pigeon lined brolly would be just the thing to brighten up the dark clouds we've been seeing here of late (in the wilds of Aberdeenshire) - great giveaway, great blog!