Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stand by your beds!

Inspection time! A quick scout round the garden today to see who was looking purdy.

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The Alliums are behind schedule but their blooms have fallen into line with a spectacular display of  Jasmine which is filling the garden with it's heady scent. Foxgloves have always been a firm favourite here. We grow a particularly elegant and fine variety which I adore. Digitalis 'Pink Chapel' arrives just that little bit later than Digitalis Purpurea and is great for cutting.

Saxifraga Cuscutiformis is always a welcome sight when in flower with its elongated, orchidesque petals which are very distinct and to me quite unexpected for a Saxifraga. The Basket Flower originates from a plant I grew from seed many moons ago when my interest in flowers first peaked, wherever I go a root cutting comes with me. I love watching the resident bees rolling around in it's velutinous blooms getting high on psychedelic nectar.

Roses are a new foray I have entered into and after years of resisting I have given in and I am temporarily trialling lots of varieties with the intention of selecting only the best performers for a permanent position. I have an idea that the romantic in me will decide to keep them all in the end all perfect ingredients we can utilise in our seasonal wreaths. After all, there is nothing more permanent than the things we accept on a temporary basis!
At ease, inspection over


  1. Lovely flowers! I like the roses!

  2. Your photos are wonderful and I love the roses!

    All best,

  3. Paul, Your blooms are gorgeous and I'm envious.
    Love foxgloves, but they haven't performed well in my garden and I don't know why. :( The Saxifraga Cuscutiformis is new to me. Thanks for sharing your garden. I always enjoy seeing lovely blooming things. Have a great weekend,

  4. Oh Paul - the romantic in you surely MUST keep hold of those petticoated beauties! I adore roses and yours look simply gorgeous!
    Paula x

  5. Oh I did enjoy that!! Such beautiful blooms, especially Pink Chapel.

  6. ............oh my, 'velutinous blooms'.......I admit I had to look that one up!!!! Love it, and it is always good to learn a new word.

    Your foxgloves are so pretty and quite different - unfortunately none of them seem to enjoy our hot, humid weather so I have one in a pot just as an annual for the porch. My Jasmine was lovely this year too - masses of flowers and the perfume almost too sweet at times.

    Roses............enough said, just the word alone is perfect.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my Africa posts Paul - more to come with some wild and woolly escapades to report!


  7. Your flowers are just beautiful and such nice mosaics of them. I like the bright yellow bloom and the roses are just gorgeous. Have a great weekend! Pamela

  8. Dear Paul,
    thank you for those lovely photos (and the way you present them - I will find out how to put more than one on display. Beautiful foxgloves - here I always buy a pot and after flowering plant them secretly into the backyard tristesse. Saxifraga Cuscutiformis looks so lovely that I think of ordering it - might love a balcony. A root cutter - Paul? Paul?!?? (Rustling in the bushes, snip, snip... :-)
    Roses are a never ending love story... and I jotted down your saying about the permanent temporary - so true!

  9. Adore your mosaics...those roses look like tissue paper!

  10. ... and you sure have some "performers" in your pretty petal army!

    Dear Paul,
    Having tiptoed around your stunning corner of blog land a few times before, always with the intention to leave a small footprint, but always interrupted by..., well, life, it is high time I said hello properly. So hello.

    Paul, I absolutely love your way with words! Your photos are beautiful, and combined with your poetic pen, it is a pleasure peering into your world every now and then. "Resident bees getting high on psychedelic nectar", "where Alice plays chequers with the Queen of hearts" etc - love it! Not to mention your descriptive Alpaca encounter, including being wooed and nearly gooed! I can't help but wondering if besides the wreath business, your work may include writing of some sort...?

    If I am not mistaken, it also seems like we share the same philosophy about many so called "weeds", i e plants that others put their noses in the air to and shun on the basis that they are not "worthy", whereas I have noticed that you, just like myself, are an avid advocate for celebrating the beauty of dandelions and other publicly rejected petals... So lovely to see I am not alone! :-)

    Having read your post about West Green House, I am sold! I see that it is, if not around the corner, then at least a "doable" distance from where I live, and it is now on MY LIST of places to visit. Speaking of which, have you ever been to "The Naked Gardeners", a k a Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury? If not, should you happen to pass through Wiltshire, I really recommend a visit. An unusual garden and one of my favourites by far.

    Well, from no comments at all, this is just becoming an irresponsibly long one, so I had better stop here.

    Thank you for the kind words you have left on my blog over the past few months - I really appreciate every single one!

    Wishing you a lovely - and not so rainy - summer!

  11. Lovely flowers in your garden! I am impressed that you even know the scientific names of your flowers. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog! I greatly appreciate it and enjoy reading them. Have a fantastic, hopefully sunny weekend in London or anywhere in England!

  12. You have got to be joking! I wonder what made me mention Abbey House Gardens to you... today...! Well, I hope and think you will fall in love with it like I have. Don't miss the stepping stones to the "island", the waterfall and all the other wonderful things on offer to explore in this 5-acre playful garden. By the way, you do know that Sunday is a "clothes optional" day there? You may see more of nature's wonders than usual if that is when you are planning to go...

    If you have any time left after you visit, then I can REALLY recommend you stop by the über-cute village of Castle Combe, not far away from Malmesbury, ca 25 minutes I would imagine, south-west. Or why not go for Cream Tea (wonderful chai tea too) in King John's Hunting Lodge Tearooms and Gardens in Lacock, ca half an hour south of Malmesbury. Or perhaps dinner at the VERY, VERY good Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto in Bath (booking essential), or perhaps a stroll along the canal from Bradford-on-Avon to the aqueduct at Avoncliff..., or... oups, I got a bit carried away here, but there are just SO many lovely spots in this area! Oh, and my little town of Corsham is lovely too, especially if you are in a peacock chasing sort of mood..

    Either way, have a LOVELY time and I look forward to drooling over your photos from your excursion later. Ehm, given that I just mentioned the "clothes optional" theme, I should perhaps hasten to add that I meant photos of the GARDENS...


  13. Haha, so was I! We had guests from abroad and strolled around Lacock on Saturday...and I took a photo of one of the windows at the Red Lion...perhaps you were inside!!!

    Sorry, hope I didn't give too much away about AHG and that you will be surprised and amazed anyway - enjoy!


  14. Dear Paul - a beautiful presentation of your magical garden. I love the Saxifraga Cuscutiformis which is new to me - something I will have to watch out for. I replied to your latest comment on my anniversary post mentioning 'tondos', I wondered if you had given them a try? If you haven't, I gave a lesson on 'my secret roundels', a couple of weeks before I went on holiday.

  15. Lots of purdy ladies!! My garden is such a bore compared to all your lovelies. Seeing all your beautiful flowers, maybe I need some romantic roses.....or start mixing colors?? I love Saxifraga Cuscutiformis....thanks for the introduction, Paul!

  16. Hi Paul,

    You have quite an impressive collection of flowers in your garden! Some of them are new to me, like the digitalis Pink Chapel and the Saxifraga Cuscutiformis. They are really pretty. I will write them down. Perhaps I can give them a place in my garden (when I get an empty space :-))!

    Good luck with your roses. I hope they won't let you down!

    Happy weekend,


  17. EXCELLENT INSPECTION, INDEED! Every bloom here, Paul, is worthy to keep always! I so wish we could have foxgloves in our gardens but our fierce Minnesota winters will kill off the poor things! My dream is to return to my beloved France one day VIA ENGLAND, where I want to soak up the tender beauty of your gardens. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to visit with me! YOu love to swim? EXCELLENT! The water is my favorite element. The color, breathtaking, the feel? EXHILARATING!!!

    Be well! Anita

  18. Darling Paul your garden and it's flowers are a joy to see.Love the pink chapel, a new one for me!Dxx

  19. Paul- you are " one" with the flowers!!! Your love for flowers is so evident here- the photos are magnificent!! Did I know you were so great at photography? Like- Wow!!! I love foxglove-- and that yellow flower is my absolute favorite.

    Your photos are so beautiful-- you can even make the weeds look good!!!


  20. Paul your flowers are so gorgeous and very special indeed! I do love foxgloves..and the new roses, I adore!

    I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

  21. Those Alliums look fantastic. I like how you've grouped them all together. Just found your blog. Chris from Las Aventuras

  22. So many lovely blooms, I particularly love your foxgloves and your roses packed with petals!

    Our gardens here in Northeast Ohio are so dry, just keeping the most important beds watered, very sad this summer, last year we barely had to water! Say your thanks for all the rain the UK has received this summer! Your garden is looking so fresh!

  23. Lovely blooms from your garden. Of course, I love the roses best. They are gorgeous!

  24. Paul, please pick me. I just found your site and would love to take your homeless umbrella on overseas adventures in Atlanta, Georgia. I promise I would never lose it. (Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers!)
    ~~Jo Knapp

  25. lovely collages. the bright yellow flower in the 2nd collage is gorgeous!

    Floral Friday

  26. I am sure you found that everyone in your garden was 'purdy'......nice work

  27. I love all your "purdy" flowers. I think I like your roses best.

  28. Beautiful flowers, the roses are my favorites.

  29. Lindas fotos e mosaicos! Me apaixonei pelas rosas!