Saturday, 24 November 2012

Harvey Nichols Christmas Shopping Party

Wild horses wouldn't stop us attending the Harvey Nichols Christmas Shopping Party this week. Champagne, nibbles, music and some early festive shopping spread over five fabulous floors plus some of the best Christmas Windows displays in London, who could resist? Not I!

(Click Images to Enlarge)
Say hello to Mr Tim, the most delightful doorman in London who welcomes you to Harvey Nichols, what are you waiting for, the party's inside......!


  1. How fabulous is that!!!!
    You certainly get Paul???
    Love all the bright colours...
    And that doorman looks absolutely charming!!!

    Linda :o)

  2. It all looks simply magical indeed!

  3. Hello Paul

    What a glorious way to welcome the Christmas season. Your images are works of art.

    Thanks for sharing


  4. What a colorful start to the season!

  5. Looks wonderful and like so much fun!


  6. Paul, this looks fabulous!!!! I cannot wait to see the photos and here your take on the whole night!

    Have a great day, Elizabeth

  7. Hello Paul, oh my, I have to admit that the Harvey Nichols Christmas windows are more extravagant and glamourous than at Harrods. You must have had so much fun shopping with the champagne and nibbles being offered all over the store. Amazing photos! :)

  8. Sounds like tons of fun and the windows are stunning!!

  9. What a wonderful treat that must have been! Love M. Tim . . . wouldn't mind more photos too . . .

  10. Those windows look stunning.
    Must try to get along to see them.
    London's definitely trying to get into the Christmas spirit and its still only November !
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  11. Paul so much fun!! I am excited just by the colors, the windows and the camaraderie!

    Art by Karena

  12. Those windows are just wonderful and fun. And Mr. Tim, well what can I say, the windows pale...

  13. Looking at all your lovely photographs leaves me feeling somewhat envious - we elected not to go to London over Christmas this year so I shall miss out on it all!

  14. Lucky, lucky you to be part it all Paul. It looks wonderful!!

    Have a lovely new week!


  15. Superb window displays at Harvey Nichols, as expected, very stylish and festive!

  16. Paul, Amazing! I'm pretty sure London must have the prettiest Christmas windows in the world. Love to be there. So fun!

  17. Oh that would be great fun, I'm down in December I can't wait, I love London at Christmas time.

  18. Dear Paul,
    if everything would have worked out nicely I would have been at a big, big party in London (Wembley) on the 12 December. But this year really behaves like a dragon - capricious is the mildest word I find for it... So I have to envy you a bit (in a nice way) - and I wish you with all my heart that you enjoy Harvey Nichols - as you will, I'm sure of that

  19. Paul, HN has always done wonderful windows at Christmas...........just wish I could have a day in London to see them but am flying into Heathrow and then straight down to Devon for my little holiday visit!

    Thanks for sharing these stunning windows.........makes Christmastime so special. Here I'm not doing any decorating (sadly) as we'll be away - BUT I will at least hang a wreath on the front door, promise! I'm usually loving decorating by this time and will miss it - must plan to stay home next year and drag all those boxes from the attic and open slowly, savouring the Christmas pretties hiding inside.

    Happy holiday decorating to you - bet you make every square inch exquisite.
    Warm wishes, Mary

  20. ok..put me in the peacock window and I'll make that red dress do a dance!

  21. Paul,

    What a wonderful treat to see some of the most stylish and beautiful windows in London!!! I hope your business is brisk and keeping you busy.

    I have mentioned your Magical Wreaths Today on my blog and have given all of your contact info, have received many emails wishing we all lived closer so that we could have one of your fabulous wreaths!

    Have a fabulous night, Elizabeth

  22. Wow those are stunning window displays! I want to go!

  23. Oh my-- what glorious holiday fun!! This must surely be one of your favorite holiday traditions. The window displays are beautiful and amazing!! Did you nibble your way through all 5 floors???? Here's what I really want to know--- what did you buy??

    Thanks for taking us along--- what a great Christmas shopping experience!!

  24. Bonjour Paul and Merry Christmas.....we're popping over to London this week and must get to Harvey Nics to see those windows (and lights). Your wreaths look glorious too...I hope you have plenty of Santa's little helpers working with you. Have a beautiful Christmas Paul. A bientot.