Monday, 12 November 2012

Roll up for the Magical Christmas Window Tour!

I have long had a fascination with fabulous window dressing and display, something I probably inherited from my grandmother who was well practiced in the art. I distinctly remember the vignettes of twinkling Worth perfume bottles she arranged at home that encouraged my magpies eye from a young age.
So with every Christmas I get to be a big kid again and press my nose up against shop windows oogling at the treasures within. Join me as we embark on a season of magical Christmas window watching in London. First stop - Harrods.
Within the theme of the Disney Princess, Harrods goes all out with a gorgeous display of dreamy gowns fit for the fairest of fairy tales. 
(Click to Enlarge)
Ralph & Russo's Princess Tiana
Oscar de la Renta's Snow White
Donatella Versace's take on Cinderella
Escada's Princess Jasmin of Aladdin
Jenny Packham's Rapunzel
Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli
and my favourite of all
Sleeping Beauty by Ellie Saab
One shoe that's not getting left on the steps of the palace at Midnight!
Louboutin's Glass Slipper.
Hold tight for more installations in the series of the The Magical Christmas Window Tour..........


  1. Those window displays look fantastic Paul. It reminds me I haven't been to London for quite sometime. A good excuse to go and visit!

    Have a lovely evening.


  2. Dear Paul,
    I love Christmas shop windows too. As I scrolled through your post I saw Sleeping Beauty and thought 'ahh my favourite'. So I am in perfect agreement with you.

    Mind you, that Glass Slipper would go nicely in our drawing room. And we wouldn't need the glass dome as we have one already that would suit it perfectly!

  3. I love stunning window displays and Harrods are one of the few that never fails to perform, they always go all out and seeing their display every year is something we look forward to. Keep em coming!

  4. Dear Paul, your Grandmother must be so stylish and special. Harrods Christmas windows are always the best and just spectacular. I am sharing this to my niece as she is an expert on Disney and will love these displays. Looking forward for more. Pamela :)

    1. She was indeed a very stylish lady Pamela, even into her later years I remember she always wore an elegant heel. More to come soon:)

  5. How enchanting! When I was a child, we lived in the city and saw lovely Christmas windows, with Christmas themes, elves making toys, etc.
    But now, I live in the 'burbs where we just have malls with clothing in the windows. :(
    Thanks for showing the windows at Harrods.

    1. You can't see in the pictures but there were lots of miniature fairies within the displays fluttering their wings. Stay tuned Babs I'm sure we can muster up some elves in at least one window for you.

  6. I adore the dress Princess Tiana is wearing because... when I was a little girl I once walked past a big street market in my city, where they sold mainly second hand and vintage clothes (students loved it, and I was a very little girl, at the time.)

    Many of the stalls sold American clothes and I once saw a beautiful vintage American Prom dress for sale. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, hanging high above me, pink, big, fifty five layers of tulle, making up a fluffy dress I wanted to hold, feel, get lost into (I was about four or five) I wanted that dress so much!

    Well, Princess Tiana is wearing that dress and I love it! So beautiful!

    I would be scared to look at Donatella Versace's Cinderella too close , in case she was made of the same stuff Donatella is made of: silicone (how much did she spend to make herself look so ... Donatella Versace?)

    Cavalli's Pocahontas is beautiful, in animal print, no doubt. I hope she smells as good as I do in my gorgeous Roberto Cavalli fragrance!

    The windows are so beautiful, and different, every year. Maybe I should tell you that the windows and decorations at NYC Macy's are the same every year! Ralph Lauren's store in Manhattan (not 5th Avenue) always looks fantastic! Beautiful Christmas windows every year (English Country inspired!)

    What a lovely, fun post, Paul! I'm off to London next month! Wouldn't miss it for the world!



    1. Theres a big pouffy number with your name on it somewhere in Harrods I'm sure Anna. It's as good a time as ever to realise your princess dream. Enjoy your visit.

  7. Those are amazing window displays! I wouldn't know the characters either except for Snow White and Rapunzel. :)

  8. Isa thinks this is pretty cool :)

  9. Paul so stunning, magical and ethereal. I love them all!
    Art by Karena

  10. Say what? No black leather from Donatella? That's pretty tame for Atelier Versace. Love Snow White......magical! Look forward to seeing more....perhaps a few from Liberty's?

    1. Next Christmas Donatella's doing the darker side of Disney - just for you Mr Loi!

  11. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for this fabulous glimpse into the Harrods windows! Just gorgeous and I love the fantasy of it all.
    All best,

  12. Beautiful windows Paul, keep us posted as you discover more. Just returned from NYC, none were on display yet. Such fond memories of holiday windows we loved as children.

    Assouline has published a big book of Bergdorf Goodman's windows, unfortunately it is over $500!

  13. can I choose Pocahontas? I love her crown!

    1. Doll, you can choose any one you want, take that crown and work it:)

  14. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the whistle stop tour of Harrods windows.
    I always feel more Christmassy when the stores reveal their festive windows.
    I guess this is coming up to the busiest time for you?
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  15. Such lovely displays! I always look forward to seeing how the department store windows in NYC are decorated for the holidays.

  16. love holiday windows and so jealous of you lucky ones living in London for all these amazing windows! These ones are just so much fun from at Harrods! I will have to make a trip to London next Christmas when I visit Germany!

  17. Hi Paul,
    Wow, magical, indeed! Those window displays look so life-like! I also adore window displays during the holidays, so pretty and festive. Thanks for sharing this with us, love it! ~Liz :)

  18. Dear Paul - I won't see the Christmas windows in London this year, so this is the next best thing - a magical treat from you.
    I agree with Loi - please, is there any chance of seeing the Liberty windows - my favourite shop.

    1. I've spoken to my elves and they assure me that you have behaved yourself this year, so perhaps a little Liberty's visit may be on the cards, I haven't checked on Loi yet though!

  19. We have no window displays in our little market town so it is a real treat to see your pictures - thanks for sharing

  20. PAUL!

    You will not believe this but upon waking up this morning, YOUR BLOG came into my mind. Then I come to my blog and see your comment!

    OK, get this: I was hired to do a window display in town for a bridal shop! I do paper art and I just finished a life-sized ballet tutu in paper that you might like. I am taking it with me this weekend to my first art show here in Minneapolis. But in January, a full blown paper wedding dress will be my main project. I cannot wait.

    I wish you SPARKLES AND MUCH FUN as the best time of year IS HERE and will continue!

    Thank you for your kind words! Anita

  21. Wow, beautiful! Now you're making me want to visit London at Christmastime!


  22. These are really gorgeous...Disney never looked so good. Having a hard time deciding, think I'm partial to the Escada but I'm sure I'll change my mind tomorrow since it's only a day away. Ooops wrong story, oh well.

  23. fabulous are those...
    They do windows here in Toronto...but nothing like these...
    Thanks for sharing..

    Linda :o)

  24. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for letting us "country bumpkins" enjoy the bright and sparkly lights of the big city! Smiling as I was scrolling down your fairy tale feast, it occurred to me that I haven't seen "proper" big Christmas window display for years, and it used to be so much fun waiting for the major department stores in Stockholm to reveal the theme each year, tear down the brown paper covering the display and letting curious customers literally press their noses against the windows and take it all in, wooed and wowed. That is, unless some arty-farty modern-striving stylist had opted for something so un-Christmassy that the only sound heard was the "oooooh" and the clickety-clackety of the feet leaving the window to seek the Christmas spirit elsewhere...

    I agree with you, Sleeping Beauty is stunning, even if I wonder what her boss has to say about her snoozing on the job... no Christmas bonus going her way!!

    I imagine you must be very busy these days, with the wreath season in its peak. Hope you get to breathe in between, and have a great weekend!


  25. I should have known Harrod's would do amazing displays!

  26. Paul--- OMgoodness-- my jaw just dropped. These windows are amazing-- out if this world beautiful. I love the designers take on the Disney theme!!! Thank you SO much for sharing these incredible photos-- I think I'm so jealous -- I'd love to be there for all the magic!

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