Sunday, 23 December 2012

T'was two nights before Christmas....

The last of our wreaths were hung today, right before we put the finishing touches to a clients magical Christmas garden.

The scent of our Festive Spice candle is filling the air, The Andrews Sisters have been cranked up high and whilst simultaneously sipping on Veuve, The Magical Christmas Wreath Company workshop is being swept, tidied and packed away until our return in 2013.

Due to upcoming appointments that begin in the north pole, I must inform you all officially ladies and gentlemen that.....................the elves have now left the building!

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 A big thank you to Pamela over at The Style and Travel Journals
for my lovely hat which kept my little pixie ears very warm this winter.

We would like to thank all our blog friends and customers for their generous friendship and wonderful support. We wish you all a super Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

La Porte Noire

I got to fulfil my insatiable penchant for festive wreathery on black doors once more this week, when a client rang for a chic and elegant bespoke wreath to correspond with her existing planters.

After hanging the wreath on the door, I stepped inside where one furry resident layed on the floor, with all four legs in the air while I gave him a tummy rub!

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Please note, tummy rubs do not come as standard with each delivery
from The Magical Christmas Wreath Company! x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Jingle Bellissima

Its official! Its December, carols are playing, I've already had my first Christmas dinner, eaten my first portion of Christmas pudding and our wreaths are being ordered, made, delivered and hung on doors across Europe.
The owner of this rather fabulous door called this week to order our Jingle Bellissima wreath. The high gloss finish sets it off rather wonderfully.

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Magical Christmas Candle Winners!

The lucky winners drawn for 
The Magical Christmas Wreath Company
Candle Giveaway

 Rosemary at Where Five Valleys Meet
Phyllis at Henhurst Interiors
Loi at Tone on Tone


Your chosen candles will be with you shortly.
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