Friday, 17 May 2013

Marché Français at Waddesdon Manor

Gazing up at the romantic, fairytale turrets and sun-kissed cupolas set against azure blue skies, you'd be forgiven for thinking for a moment that you were at Chateau de Maintenon, Amboise or possibly even Chambord. However, last weekend we were not in the Loire valley but tootling along, fifty miles from central London in the heart of the rolling Chiltern hills in Buckinghamshire. Welcome to Waddesdon Manor.

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The Magnificent baronial mansion was built between 1874 and 1889 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the neo-renaissance style of a French chateau by the architect Gabriel-Hippolyte Destailleur. Waddesdon is one of my favourite places to visit at any time of the year and on this particularly glorious Spring day it's positively-glowing, honey-coloured Cotswold stone façade was to prove the perfect foil for a French market that had landed on its doorstep.

Anyone who was anyone was there.......

Monsieur Canard & Monsieur Grande Fromage

Monsieur Brioche Fraîche & Monsieur Chou-fleur
& the lovely Madame Pâtisserie

After spending much of the afternoon filling our bags and faces with all manner of delicious French goodies, we saved some quality time to stroll the beautifully laid out gardens, admiring the gorgeous garden statuary Waddesdon has to offer.


Then, right on cue, the ever punctual Hercules arrived in the balloon to whisk me off home, away from my French chateau shopping adventure in the middle of the English countryside .

If that has whet your appetite then stick around, we will be returning to show you a few of the other delights and surprises at Waddesdon Manor later in the season. x

Bicester Rd  Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP18 0JH

You can join in and Visit Here

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  1. HOW much I do LOVe France...................!!!

    Wonderful post and absolutely beautiful images,thank you so much for share it here:-)))*

    Wish to you great weekend,


  2. Paul, this magnificent home is new to me - I would love to visit some day and most definitely when the French market comes to sell such wares. I'd be cleaning out the fromage and pain stands, and the patisserie, even the chou-fleur............oh well I guess everything but the canard, you can have that! Looks like it was the perfect day to go marketing and surely the most gorgeous location ever!

    Off on my trip Sun. - will check in with you when/if I have Internet along the backwaters of Japan and Russia!!!
    Hope this weekend will see you out enjoying life as always.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. MONSIEUR PAUL! Mon dieu, comme tu es superb, combining the fabulous influence of both French and English sensibilities into one! MERCI, THANK YOU for putting together a luscious post that definitely whets my appetite for not only all things French, but for the charm and beauty of the British countryside. MERCI FOR THE LINK and enjoy as you are able to visit other posts. Anita

  4. What a wonderful post! I love Waddeston Manor too. Minerva x

  5. PAUL!!!!!!! YOU CAME! How lovely of YOU!

    Well I'm having a super time, perusing all the links that are ready; our American friends on the west coast are not up yet but will be, hopefully within the course of the day. Your participation is really a kind gesture. LOVE IT ALL, and I really am going to do an ENGLISH countryside/London party next year! Anita

  6. Hello Paul,
    Your photos are so beautiful.I would love to live there.Anita's French party is devine.
    I took the time to visit your shop.You see I love Christmas more than anything.Your wreaths are just to gorgeous.
    It surely is a pleasure to meet you.I would love to visit more,
    Marie Antionette

  7. Your lovely photos make me wish I was there.

  8. How wonderful to have a little taste of France at home...your photos are spectacular!

  9. Good afternoon!
    I'm spending the afternoon on Friday to this wonderful adventure of discovering new blogs and new ways of seeing things, I congratulate you on the blog, I loved the show so naturally fresh and yet everyday things beautiful, I'm thrilled!
    It's certainly a pleasure to follow your blog from now
       Luisa Maria

  10. Wonderful photos of a place in which fairy tales are made.

  11. What a glorious day you had, Magical Paul!! Next time please send Hercules here to whisk us away. We wanna join in the fun - oui! x Loi

  12. It is so fun together .....welcome in France your post !!!...i am glad i met you here.....have a nice weekend....bisous

  13. Had a wonderful time at the French market via your incredibly beautiful photos... Thanks for day trip.


  14. I do love Waddesden Manor, but Paul you said 'anyone who was anyone was there.......' and I didn't manage to make it!
    I love the French markets and then returning home with some cheese, freshly baked bread and a glass of vino.

  15. Paul how astounding, you are so right I thought I WAS in France. The Waddesden Castle is magnificent alone and then to see so many sculptures on the grounds. Thank you and I hope you visit my French Adventure!

    Art by Karena

  16. What a wonderful delight to visit Waddesdon Manor through your Blog post. I would enjoy visiting the estate and go shopping at the French market that weekend. You could cook a delicious French meal just from those fresh produce from the market there. The balloon ride would be fun! Bon weekend Monsieur Paul!

  17. Hello Paul. That's very familiar to me as I spend half the year in England, OXON actually, but still get plenty of warm Cotswold stone. I love the French touch you've given your post. See you there some day. :)

  18. How enchanting! Thanks for sharing this magnificent manor and the French market.

  19. Grand and charming, we pass by this on our way to friends, we ought to stop and explore next time!

  20. How lovely! It would be a great pleasure to visit this place...!

  21. Oh que j'aurais aimé y être !
    Merci pour ces photos enchanteresses.

  22. It must be so nice to have such great places to visit so relatively close at hand. Your day at the French Market and manor sounds pretty perfect.

  23. So nice to meet you Paul.. Thank you for sharing such a magnificent manor.
    What a great addition to dear Anita's party.

  24. Paul-- oh my goodness-- this place is so much like the Biltmore mansion in Asheville - (google it and see for yourself!!) what a beautiful place to spend the day-- I love the market!! Your photos capture the splendor-- I want to be there!!

  25. Hello Paul,
    So nice to "meet" you through the gracious and wonderful Anita!
    Your work is so beautiful!

    This was a dreamy day out, I can just imagine...what a breathtakingly gorgeous place...and to top it off, a French market!!! Bliss.....
    Have a splendid weekend, and enjoy the party!
    - Irina

  26. Hello, visiting from Anita’s Simply Irresistible party. Such beautiful images of your day. Markets and manors for me anytime. So nice to meet you Paul.........

    The French Hutch

  27. What a beautiful day! Rather perfect I think...a spectacular chateau, French pastries and market, blue skies, hot air balloons and lovely gardens, all close to London! Kind of jealous to be honest. So nice that you share your adventures with us, thank you, Paul!

  28. Holy cow Paul, you could not have possibly been in Britain, the sky is too blue! Are you sure you don't mean Brittany :-) I love these kind of markets, we have one which visits the harbour a couple of times a year, amazing olives and cheese, mmmmmmm cheese!

  29. nice to meet you via Anita's Paris party! What perfect day to post for us, a beautiful manor and that lovely market! I am envious. Thank you for visiting me as well....

  30. Good morning Paul! I am breathing in that fresh air from your blue skies as I again am enjoying scrolling down your photos. Oh how I need to fly out to your part of the world again...this party has been so much fun, "meeting" you all and "bumping" into everyone.

    Enjoy your day out there in London! Anita

  31. Your photos are stunning, as usual. I'm famished right now and wanting to got to France, or UK, or anywere but here.

  32. Bonjour Paul. Thank you for visiting French Girl in Seattle today. I am your newest Follower! :-) Boy am I glad I stopped by! What lovely shots, of a Downton-Abbey-worthy castle. I miss the UK so much, but will be returning to London this summer for a few days, so all is well in the world again... I particularly enjoyed reading the captions under the photos of the French merchants... Merci beaucoup!

  33. Hello Paul! and thanks for joining me in my recollections of La Rochelle. Love your blog, will follow. It has a nice magical feel to it indeed!

  34. Dear Paul,

    The honey-coloured stone of the Cotswold is heartwarming in its beauty as are your beautiful pictures! And is that the sun I see shining in a bright blue sky?

    These photographs reveal a wonderful day in a place which reminds me indeed of the Loire Châteaux which have for the past four years been the perfect scenery to my everyday life in Tours.

    Thank you so much for visiting me this weekend. I'm very glad to have found you.


  35. Paul, I frequently remark this when I read your have the most grand adventures. Perhaps in addition to all of your other work you should give tours! I would sign up you can be sure of that.

    Thanks for the beautiful tour! And for coming to my blog to visit.


  36. Hello Paul~pleased to meet you and how fabulous is this party?? I am enjoying this most perfect day of yours and these gorgeous images. Tres Magnifique! Thank you for your kind comments on stylemindchic and I look forward to more gorgeousness and fun from your blog. I'm your latest fan!
    Cheers, Heather

  37. Hi Paul!
    How wonderful to meet you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and the pics are beautiful! What a fab party Anita has organized, right? Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your future posts.

  38. Wow! What a fab place! I didn't know this even existed in the UK! Perfect place for a French Market!

  39. I enjoyed reading your post ! Love your photos! Happy to meet you via Anita's party! Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

  40. Your beautiful post reminds me so much of the annual summer trip I take to the loire valley with my husband. Lots of love darling Daphnexxxxxx

  41. Absolutely one of my favorite places to visit, although I've never been there when they were hosting a market. How fun! Christmas time there was a different sort of magic--I could go any time of the year and love it!

  42. Oh but I doooo enjoy the English countryside. And I love that your French post is of a French England! Here from Anita's link party and glad to have found you. Love the statues and of course, the food. Must return to find more goodies.
    Thanks for this little slice of England.

  43. Beautiful photographs!!! Love the hit air balloon shots. I am still touring Anita's lovely party. I hope you stop by as well.

    Heidi @ hi-d's place

  44. How great to move the bar across the channel for a shot of French glory. The house is magnificent. Nice to visit from 'Castles', I am finding so many wonderful blogs on my French tour.