Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tulips at Pashley Manor Gardens

Up until now we haven't grown tulips in this particular garden and I felt it was time to get it together and choose a variety to compliment our current spring planting plan. We made a long overdue visit to the renown Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex a couple of weeks ago to see the magnificent collection of Blom's tulips they had on display to help us make up our minds.

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Pashley Manor is a Grade I listed timber-framed building of two halves, the Tudor frontage built in 1550 and the rear Queen Anne extension built in 1720. Once owned by the Boleyn family, its said that Anne Boleyn stayed here during her childhood. The house itself isn't open to the public but with so much to see within the grounds, it more than earns its keep as wonderful historic backdrop.

The annual Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor Gardens is now in its 19th year. Over 25,000 bulbs are planted throughout the immaculately tended gardens, giving visitors an opportunity to see an enormous variety laid out en masse against 11 acres of romantic landscaping. The individual garden areas are punctuated with sculpture, forming part of a constantly changing exhibition featuring works by Kate Denton and Philip Jackson amongst many others.

Upon entering a large white marquee on the gardens periphery, I discovered that the lovely people at Blom's Bulbs had kindly laid out a selection of their cut tulips just for me, in order to place my spring bulb order! I spent such a long time inspecting each and every colour and still didn't know whether to go bold and brassy or keep it calm and simple.

Love this simple and pretty combination of tulips and pink forget me nots.

I ended up ordering just one variety of tulip bulbs to plant this Autumn and I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll be adding some more Bobby Dazzlers into the mix before the summers out!
Which tulips do you grow in your garden?
Near Wadhurst
East Sussex


  1. Good evening, Paul! Well, I thank you kindly for this ultra fabulous tour! I am really enjoying our gray, rainy weather because all of our pink flowers on the creeping phlox, thyme and azaleas are just bursting in neon brightness. I don't have tulips, but our neighbors across the street have a deep purple variety that almost appears black. Velvety in appearance and feel, they really offer a stunning tapestry of variation to our garden tour of our boulevard gardens!

    I just adore that metal door on the second to last collage; wow, that is really a secret garden entrance.

    BE WELL, HAVE FUN! Anita

  2. We keep meaning to visit Pashley as we can get free admission with our HHA membership. We love Philip Jackson sculptures too so it will be a double whammy visit!Thank you for showing us what we are missing and make us get there soon!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  3. You've shown some nice tulips there but for me the sculptures have stolen the show. Some fabulous pieces there!

  4. Such great,so beautiful tulips ......oh,my!!!

    Paul,thank you so much for your information about this garden:)*

    Yes,here in Netherland tulips are mostly favs.!!!

    And how much gorgeous kinds of them....I don't have tulips in my garden yet,but I want to place them!

    Fantatsic post,thank you.

    Wish you wonderful weekend,


  5. Absolutely incredible!! We love tulips -- but so do our deer:(
    We've had to give up planting them because the deer always eat them. So sad because I love them so.

    I'm so intrigued by the Boleyn family- to visit here would be amazing. The photos of the tulips are stunning. I can't wait to see your plantings next year--


  6. I love tulips! Great pictures. It looks like an amazing place to visit!

  7. Awesome garden tour!
    Love those garden statues...especially the Hare with the large ears!!
    I grow mostly plain ordinary they were in the cottage garden when we bought it!!

    Linda :o)

  8. Very beautiful. The sculptures are very intriguing. I have plain old red tulips, mainly because I can't decide on what other varieties I like best and because by the time fall comes around I'm somewhat gardened out and don't much feel like planting anything. Maybe this year. I.say.again....

  9. Paul,

    These tulips are spectacular! I love the ruffled variety, do jot know the name. Sadly we do not have ny tulips, but many in our neighborhood do and it is nice to see theirs.

    I am looking forward to seeing your selection.

  10. Oh Paul, you visit the most beautiful estates in England! Thank you for always sharing with us through your Blog. Those tulips are all gorgeous! I love those curly petals which are so glamorous in the garden. Our tulips have single petals and double petals in the colours of rosé pink, yellow, purple and a combination of orange and yellow which look like Popsicles. You have seen some of our tulips on my Blog and on Instagram. How come you only purchased only one kind? Be more daring and go glamorous!

    By the way, is the former Boleyn family house haunted? Looks like it. Those statues of the ladies are so fun and beautiful. Love it especially Mr. Rabbit. I want one for our garden please? Let us barter trade Mr. Rabbit for me and for some cannolis for you? :))

  11. O TO BE IN England!

    XO jANE

  12. Beautiful flowers and backdrop of this historic house. I can't imagine a house that old! Canada is just so new!! :) I have one tulip that is deep yellow and I haven't any idea what it's called. There are some beauties out there though and the decision would be difficult especially with limited garden space. Pamela

  13. I didn't plant any tulip bulbs last fall so I'm just a bit jealous here! Got my eyes on Tulipa Spring Green for next year. Beautiful tulips there! And cool sculptures. I love the bunny. Gotta hop back to work :)

  14. Oh, you went to Pashley Manor. We visited around the same time last year. The Wisteria was in bloom then. We missed part of the tulips. They look huge! Hope you found one or two of them that will be suitable to plant in your garden.

    Great sculptures!

    Madelief x

  15. Thanks a lot for this wonderful photographs, We know the garden, have seen the tulip show three years ago and all the sculptures.


  16. Paul, Just getting to this lovely post! Oh I'm so envious of you being able to pop over to these amazing estates and gardens all the time! Fabulous photos. What a beautiful building and I love all the doors.

    Is someone living here? The sculptures are really something as well.

    It would be hard to choose, but I think the curly tulips are pretty amazing. I did love the little pink ones though with their unique color.. No tulips in my yard, but it's on my list to plant them in the Fall!


  17. Hi Paul! Love Pashley Manor which is only 20 minutes drive from me.....haven't been to the tulip festival for a couple of years, but you have reminded me for next year!

    I too struggle with deciding between the bright dazzling and the calm muted colours.....bit of both I think.

    Have a lovely week, Sophia x

  18. Glorious! and the statuary is enchanting.

  19. The parrot tulips are sweet and those diamond windows? oh yeah!

  20. Oh how I love this post Mr. Paul! So good to come by again to amble on the quiet paths to smell the roses.

    Thank you for coming by to visit to have a cup of morning tea in my home! Now my time will be spent in a writing course this summer, but I will keep my eye on all the new posts coming from you and other dear blogger writers.

    Enjoy your day! Anita

  21. Paul,

    I hope that you are enjoying some beautiful Summer weather. Perhaps this week you are at Ascot? Or enjoying a wonderful holiday.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  22. I'm so impressed with this post. Pashley Manor is so magnificent and the gardens glorious. Not to mention the sculptures.I've always loved the story of Anne Boleyn. I love making paper dolls.I would so love doing one of her.
    One thing about the gorgeous tulips. They come is all sorts of colors and shapes.They are one of the most beautiful of flowers. I cannot grow them down here. Its to hot and humid.I've tried believe me.
    Thanks for the lovely post.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  23. Hello Paul

    Pashley Manor is certainly going on my list. I love all you have shown and the sculptures and the oversized rabbit is my favourite. It must be difficult to choose when presented with such beauties. I had tulips at our farm and had a big soft spot for the parrot tulips, whose colours mystify.
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

  24. Wow, can't believe I've missed this place on my adventures. I got some lovely tulip bulbs from Amsterdam as a gift that I planted at my allotment. No idea the variety but they were white with red through them like raspberry ripple ice cream. I also got an amazing bunch of lime green tulips again as a gift from Amsterdam this year. x

  25. Paul,

    Just checking in to see if you are living it up this summer and enjoying the fabulous sunny weather!

    I hope that we get to see all of your travels, adventures, garden visits and more very soon.

    I miss your wit and beautiful photos!

  26. You boys must be on a wonderful trip somewhere--- miss you :)