Monday, 29 July 2013

Everythings Coming Up Roses!

Greetings earthlings! The mother ship just dropped me back after a little blogland break. Many thanks to those who sent emails wondering if I was still alive and kicking or if I had enrolled on an advanced cutlery usage course in Bridlington for the Summer.

Well, here we are in the midst of some wonderful summer weather and I thought I'd like to share a little sneaky peek of the roses that have been blooming in the garden this year.

Bear in mind that I had resisted roses for many years, cultivating exotic style gardens in two of our homes and then my evergreen homage to all things verdant. One thing that has not changed is my addiction to scent, I've now gone all romantic and can be found in recent summers being carrying across the lawn by Hercules and Agamemnon in my sedan chair, going from bloom to bloom, sticking my beak into every carefully chosen fragrant rose that now resides within these walls.

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All together now.......

"Clear the decks! Clear the tracks!
You've got got nothing to do but relax...."

I do hope that you are all having a most excellent summer. X