Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bressingham Gardens

The little village of Bressingham roughly marked the halfway stage of our recent trip to Norfolk and the resplendent Bressingham Gardens were the perfect place to stop for one of our legendary picnics and to stretch our legs before the second part of our journey to the East coast.

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In the early 1950s, British horticulturist Alan Bloom began creating the incredible gardens that span nearly 20 acres. The infamous Dell and Foggy Bottom gardens contain literally thousands of species of plants in every hue imaginable and are set against a medley of waltzing emerald green paths for the visitor to glide along.
Chondrosum gracile or Mosquito grass (above right) was a new discovery for me whilst mooching around the gardens. I wouldn't normally be attracted to such small grasses in a garden but I love the unusual right angles of the flowers that magically vibrate and quiver on the breeze.
The late summer sunshine decided to play peek-a-boo for the much of the two hours we spent in the gardens but the erupting polychromatic island beds which Bressingham is famous for, more than made up for the cloudy skies above. Those that are in need of a healthy dose of colour therapy should look no further; your synesthetic senses can almost hear the gardens humming with colour as you cruise the grounds.
The trick to planting in this retro style is to ensure that the plants work from every angle a feat that the Blooms have mastered to perfection over the past fifty years.
With tummies full, retinas recharged and the image of Hercules standing by the car tapping his foot, we piled back into our ride, waving goodbye to the fabulous gardens at Bressingham as we roared off towards the coast.

......Are we there yet?
Bressingham Gardens
Low Road
IP22 2AA


  1. I see that Sir Hercules is in a hurry to make it to more lovely sites before the real cold sets in and these lovely colors are but a memory! Dear Paul, your wonderful tours make me sing. I am sitting here in my lovely garden that is making every effort to prove it's beauty. My flowers are standing at their tallest and the pot and window boxes are lush with blooms. Thank you for the escape to your lovely England! Anita

  2. Beautiful gardens. The house and grounds are gorgeous with lots of colour and shades of green. Thanks for the tour! Happy Fall to you!

  3. Oh my another beautiful garden tour. You guys really have a knack for seeking out these beautiful places. Every photo is gorgeous-- the colors of the flowers are so vibrant.

    You boys must be having a wonderful trip now that yo are at the coast. I'm sure there will be more amazing pictures still to come--

  4. This place is so picturesque. Beautiful gardens in every angle. Happy Fall to you!

  5. Such wonderful pictures of a gorgeous garden. Someday I will get to see this in person! Thank you for taking me along for the ride!

  6. A great garden - have a nice time during your Holidays!


  7. We've heard so much about this beautiful garden before, perhaps one day we'll be able to visit. Thanks for the preview!

  8. Dear Paul,

    I could almost smell those grasses and feel the breeze on my skin, as I read through your post and saw the pictures. That is Norfolk: green, gold, purple and red. You should see the fields in May/June time: a sea of beautiful red poppies (Have you read the book Poppyland? You might really enjoy it!) almost covers the fields, in the countryside!

    I remember, Paul, when I came to live England (I had only been round London and Essex as a student of Modern Languages and Literatrure) I discovered a new world! A world in which people actually picked fruit from trees or went our for walks, to gather blackberries. I can still smell apple and blackberry jam made by Miss Jones,( who had a lovely thick moustache... funny!) and the shock of waking up, only to find out that my bedroom overlooked a cemetery (us Italians do not mix dead and alive people!)

    Anyway... I remember cycling every evening, for months, and learning about wild flowers and hops, which grow wild and my first rhubarb popping out of the ground. I was so horrified.. I thought it was some kind of Alien aborted by the Planet!

    I picked and dried so many wild flowers and made my own Christmas cards. Norfolk induces creativity. Oh.. I can still smell apple wood burning in the fireplace, In my living room. I had to learn how to light a fire, as I had no idea and I had never seen coal ( or a pig!)

    There was so much sky in the Fens, where my first home was, that you could almost feel part of a thunderstorm. I love it so, when it rains so hard, it almost sounds like a ghost is knocking on your window. In Norfolk, you can touch the sky.

    I feel I am getting lost in a sea of blue and nostalgia...

    Next time you are in Norfolk, you must visit Mannington Hall, at the beginning of June: such a beautiful place. The lovely Hall is surrounded by a mote and so many water lilies!

    Your pictures are so nice, That little grass is really graceful. Looks like it's dancing in the breeze.

    Looking forward to your next lovely, lovely post!


    Anna x

  9. What a magnificent garden this is Paul! I have garden envy ;-). Wish we had so many beautiful gardens to visit in our country.

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  10. Hey Paul, I'd love to 'waltz along those emerald green paths'. Yet more stunning gardens, how many more can there possible be on our little island!!!!

    What type of ivy would that be wrapping the house like a green gift? It's so attractive but we are always advised to keep it off the bricks and mortar over here!

    Thanks for sharing another lovely day out.
    I'm off to Europe next week but unfortunately will only be at Heathrow - no time to see gardens, but perhaps I'll get another view of Windsor as we fly in.

    Hugs - Mary

  11. Paul, Lovely spot. Like how the flower islands are standing alone in the grass. Also gorgeous layering of all these grasses and flowers. My favorite is the house. Is that ivy on it? Anyway, always love a home with vines. Dreamy! xxKim

  12. Another gorgeous garden tour Paul....thank you! Hope you're having a lovely trip and you're now enjoying the coast!

    Sophia x

  13. the two things I want to live ivy clad cottage and a thatch roof hut!