Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hair Raising Halloween Wreath!

I think you may have guessed by now that The Magical Christmas Wreath Company loves a little Halloween fun! So when the call came through from one of our regular customers this week, requesting something "creepy, stylish and really unusual" to grace their door for All Hallows Eve, I was absolutely thrilled.

Retreating to a darkened room, I channelled my in-house, Halloween muse. She alighted on my shoulder whispering the words 'Creature Chic' into my ear in a rather unsettling and raspy voice! Adopting my best 'weird' facial expression, I hoofed it down to my local wig shop to look for the most glorious weaves and hairpieces in the kingdom with which to work with.

Clutching a bagful of precious, raven-coloured manes, I then scurried back to the studio muttering all sorts of Gothic jibberish under my breath. With Bauhaus playing in the background, I then proceeded to draw the curtains and lock all the doors. Standing at my workbench, surrounded by a labyrinth of bubbling chemistry apparatus, Van de Graaff generators, sizzling Babyliss curling tongs and an armoury of Elnett Satin hairspray, I set about creating my very own little, hirsute, Prometheus!

As the skies rumbled and lighting flashing overhead, I seized my moment, raising my furry Halloween creation aloft, I threw back my head in Oscar-worthy, dramatic fashion to let out the bloodcurdling cry......'s alive, it's alive, it's ALIVE!!!!

Add a little 'Creature Chic' to your front door this Halloween


  1. Sir Paul, I LOVE your muse. I adore the way you listen to her, lock yourself up in your creating chambers, and then GO WILD!!!!!!! How I would love to sit in on one of your creativity moments to capture all the fun.

    That is one glorious wreath my friend, and you are truly an ARTISTE of the gentle, the spooky and the marvelous! Anita

    1. Anita you have made my day. Thank you so much...Ms Muse thanks you too:) X

  2. Perfection! And I love the color of the door.

    Hope you are well!

    1. Hi Phyllis, I had a sneaky suspicion you would approve of the door. Hope things are going great.

  3. So fabulous and fierce!!! You are killing it, Mr. Paul. Spooktaculicious!!! I'd like one in gray :)
    x Loi

    1. Why thank you Mr Loi. I am so pleased with it that we might have one ourselves:)
      Happy Halloweenie!

  4. Oh that's so clever. Bwahahaha. A very fun and chic wreath.

  5. You are both clever and creepy. What a combo.

    xo j

  6. Dear Viktor,
    just coming back from Ingolstadt (oh how I miss the possibility to visibly cross out Viktor and write Paul, and cross out Ingolstadt and write Bremen!) - however: coming back I got that glimpse of terrifying beauty (husband sits today on a stage in Hannover, discussing with other learned-friends "Das Böse/ The Evil" - might have told him to have a look, the TV would have liked your solidified version as an intro...)
    I can't write: it looks lovely - and you wouldn't appreciate that - so I write: your wreath looks vicious, makes my blood freeze, is as fascinating as Les Fleurs du Mal...
    And: I wouldn't touch it.

    1. Ha! You are quite right Britta. Right after my appointment with my muse I must have channelled Viktor Frankenstein.
      I have not seen Das Bose but the trailer looks too terrifying for me!
      Your introduction to Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal sent shivers down my spine. Perhaps I am not made of the Halloween material I once imagined.
      And you may touch the wreath, it only bites a little!

  7. “From his soft fur, golden and brown,
    Goes out so sweet a scent, one night
    I might have been embalmed in it
    By giving him one little pet.

    He is my household's hairy wreath;
    He judges, he presides, inspires
    All matters in his royal realm;
    Might he be fairy? or a god?

    When my eyes, to this hairy wreath I love
    Drawn as by a magnet's force,
    Turn tamely back upon that appeal,
    And when I look within myself,

    I notice with astonishment
    The fire of its ginger hairs,
    Clear beacons glowing, living jewels,
    Taking my measure, steadily.”
    ― Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal

    ADAPTED BY ME, ANNA, This time in the right post!

    1. He is my household's hairy wreath indeed!
      I love it!
      Absolutely genius and hilariously clever Anna.
      I am thrilled that the wreath have inspired so much literary creativity.
      I think I may put you up for the next T.S. Eliot Prize.

  8. so did you put a motion detector in the wreath? It's fun to be scary.

    1. Not on this one Yvonne but we love a motion detector hidden within a wreath!:) Boo!

  9. The wreath is very creepy chic. So creative Mr. P! Happy Halloween.

    1. Thank you, It is pretty smart isn't it Pamela. Happy Hoooowloween!! :)

  10. Paul, I loved this. You are killing me when you whipped out the curling tongs! Too funny Mr Frankenstein! I love a scary wreath. My friend just made me a skeleton one.

    That said, you are good with hair. This wreath looks a lot better than my own!
    Happy Halloween Paul! Be nice with the slime. ;)

    1. Ha ha! You know me and my Babyliss curling tongs Kim, never parted:)
      I'd love to see your 'Skellington' Wreath its sounds great!
      And yes I'm always nice with the Halloween slime, only the ones that deserve it get glooped!
      Happy Horrorween! x
      PS. Love your new avatar!