Friday, 11 October 2013

Sunshine on Leith Hill

We recently made our annual autumn pilgrimage to one of the most wonderful places in the South East of England in which to observe the fall landscape. 

We drove through the very familiar, winding roads of the Surrey Hills to reach the starting point of our Sunday walk through the ancient woodland up to Leith Hill. Join us as we make our ascent.

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The grand prize for making it all the way to the top is this romantic vision......

At Leith Hill's summit is the 18th century fairy-tale Gothic tower. You can climb the stairs to the top for a better view of the surrounding countryside or if your legs are a bit tired after all that hill walking, there's a lovely little cabin at the bottom of the tower selling home made tea and cake.

It boasts one of the highest points in Surrey and on a clear day, there are panoramic views of  the surrounding thirteen counties. It is also possible with the aid of a natty little telescope to see the English Channel to the south and the clock face of Big Ben to the north.

Those making the climb up the spiral staircase are rewarded with these magnificent views.


Leith Hill
Dorking, Surrey


  1. footpath to the tower...footpath to the tower...take me please!!!

  2. Oh, I should have gone sixty years are incredibly beautiful.

  3. What wonderful views. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dear Paul,
    It is nice to see you visiting my 'hood'!

    Surrey is changing dramatically as urbanisation creeps in ever more steadily but it is good to see that some parts remain unchanged.

    I've always loved those sunken lanes. There is something magical about them, don't you agree?

    Bye for now


  5. You made it to the top of the Tower. The views are magnificent! It must have been a fun walk! Looks like Fall is so lovely across the pond. Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. OMG, this is beautiful. I would have enjoyed every single moment. xx's from Texas...

  7. Paul, I love waking up on a Saturday morning and going on another adventure with you!

    This looks like a lovely spot to enjoy fall and not too far from London. The tower would be so fun to climb.I love all the paths and the gorgeous berries and red flowers. What are those?

    The English countryside is unmatched for panoramic beauty. Then you serve tea and cakes! Sigh. Wish I was closer. I'd be frolicking about to all these spots as much as I could.

    Have a lovely weekend dear Paul. xxKim

  8. THANK YOU for this lush tour sir Paul. I just watched Seamus Heaney recite his poem, Blackberry Picking on Youtube and seeing your photo of what looks like berries brought that to mind....the longing to keep summer stored away in the fruits of the season. Thank you for sharing your tours with us. Anita

  9. I actually stopped after I spent time looking at all your lovely photos...closed my eyes...took a breath...and I was THERE!
    Thank you for sharing. It is lovely.



  10. Homesick looking at your photos.

  11. Thanks for taking us up, up, up there, Magical One!!! I need to pause and catch my breath. There....that's better. Gorgeous view! x L

  12. Dear Paul,
    again such a beautiful journey and tips about something one wants to see dearly. How will I ever come to China (not that I care) when England alone offers such lovely sights?

  13. Sir Paul....thank you for coming to visit my humble side of the world this morning! I see my pal Loi is I would love to meet BOTH of you!

    Have a lovely Sunday and watch the gold fall from your sky...Anita

  14. That's a fairy tale tower. I can almost see Rapunzel's hair winding down the side of it.

  15. well I hope you toted a picnic up to that tower!

  16. England was never on the top of my bucket list for travel but you are convincing me! Such do have the most beautiful gardens and landscapes. If we had half your rainfall!!

  17. Ohhhh I love those moss covered stairs-- and the tower-- and the beautiful flowers-- and every directions your photos take us. It's simply gorgeous here-- this might be my most favorite garden yet!!!

    How lucky are you to visit all these incredible places-- I love tagging along by way of your photos!