Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Gifting & Giving at Selfridges

Tomorrow marks the official date for turning on the Christmas lights across London's west end. This gives me permission to lift my self-imposed festive silence and to also launch the shopping season here at The Magical Christmas Wreath Company with our infamous Christmas shopping tours!

All the big department stores here in London now have their festive shops open, laden with all manner of Christmas goodies and Selfridges was one of the first way back in October! So now is the ideal time to visit and to take in the magical Christmas windows they have on display.
Food Specialists Bompas & Parr have created an edible Christmas window installation representing London's lost and unbuilt architecture. Made entirely of gingerbread, it also comes complete with a River Thames made of Golden Syrup!

This years windows also feature a giant Charlotte Olympia gold Kitty Slipper with glowing eyes, an enormous Saint Laurent monogram gold clutch complete with swinging tassel and a huge Selfridges snow globe along with a host of other giant sized Christmas gifts to help you start your list.
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The Selfridges London windows are a celebration of not only all things gifting but also of all things giving this festive season.

Selfridges are continuing their long relationship with the childrens charity 'Kid's Company' this year and are spreading their inspirational message. Since she founded the charity in 1996, founder Camila Batmanghelidjh, has been reaching out to young people with unrelenting love and positivity and empowering vulnerable children to help them achieve their full potential. 
In addition to the incredible work 'Kids Company' do throughout the year, Camila's team give over 4000 young people who live in challenging or stressful environments, the opportunity to enjoy Christmas day with them at one of their centres where they can relax, play and ultimately just be children.
You can watch Camila's Christmas appeal here.

If you feel you can help in any way this Christmas with presents or a donation, so that Kids company can make that difference you can do it via their Facebook page or their Website or by asking for more information when you visit Selfridges this Christmas.


  1. Good morning Paul! Now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Blogland! My favorite thing to do in the city is to see the displays as such, for these types of windows take me back to childhood when the magic was real. Lovely displays (LOVE THAT KITTY SLIPPER!) and I can't wait to see your wreathes! Anita

  2. Oh, you have just inspired me to book a night in London before Christmas. It just has to be done ... !

  3. Love this. Since I won't be able to spend any time in London before the holidays, I'll be relying on you to bring my starving eyes more indulgent seasonal displays.

    Maybe get a few flower shops too?

    xo Jane

  4. Please can I be the old lady who lives in the kitty slipper?
    I can't wait to come down in December.

  5. Wow Mr. P what a fun way to kickstart Christmas. You must be really in a Christmas festive mood already! The Selfridges display looks fantastic with those mega sizes of goodies especially the golden Saint Laurent clutch and also love the replica of the store inside the Snow Globe. Giving is definitely on top of my list this Christmas especially with the devastation in the Philippines and there are other children who may not be able to celebrate Christmas this year because of natural disasters. Please share more festive celebrations around London. Thank you.

  6. Dear Paul,
    thank you for the photos and the informations - so alluring that maybe I want to go to London the third time this year... And it is very good that part of the money will go into good deeds for the children - this is the real Christmas idea! Britta

  7. I can't even's so bold! like New York or something that I would never get to see except on TV and your wonderful blog!

  8. Paul
    I enjoyed seeing the beautiful windows of London, but I am most looking forward to more images of your wonderful work!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this Paul. Love it and one day would like to see Christmas in London. Selfridges is fab. What fun windows. Gosh people are so creative. Wonderful that they are trying to help these kids and it's not all about shopping.I am checking out the page!
    Looking forward to more London at Christmas from you. Have a good week Paul!
    xx Kim

  10. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures however love the kitty cat slipper filled with tiny bottle brush trees

  11. So glad Selfridges are supporting kids company who I love. Last year I sent some of my handmade items for the children for Christmas presents and got a lovely letter from Camilla. They need all the help they can get as they have suffered from the austerity cuts and also so many more children are being pushed into poverty as a result of them too. Thanks so much for your comments on my new blog, just came across them today! xx

  12. Good morning Sir Paul!

    I saw that you visited me,and it is always a pleasure to know you got in a magical egg-boat, paddled across the great pond, to visit ME.

    Those exotic chickens are just fabulous, aren't they? Nature's coiffeur really gives them an unforgettable "do!"

    Enjoy your holiday preparations with all those whom you love.. Anita

  13. Your photo's make me want to step on the plane and head for London. It's been such a long time since I visited last. Must have been five, six years........Next time I visit, I will definitely pop by at the Magical Christmas Wreath Company :-)!

    It must be a busy time of year for you. Hope your business will do well!

    Have a good evening!

    Madelief x

  14. Let the Holiday Season begin! Paul thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. A wonderful cause - wishing them much success! Thanks for sharing with your readers, Paul. And how fabulous is that kitty slipper??!! cheers!