Friday, 15 November 2013

The Harrods Christmas Express!

Once again you lucky people get to join in the second leg of our annual Christmas shopping tour in central London for 2013.
I received a call last week from my lovely friends over at Harrods inviting me to pop along and preview their absolutely gorgeous new Christmas window displays. The length of the infamous store front in Knightsbridge has been transformed into the ultimate homage to the luxurious golden age of steam travel in full-on, glam, Orient Express style!

The Harrods midnight Christmas window fairies have spent the year dreaming up the most beautiful creations and took three weeks installing them to the peak of perfection before the grand unveiling.

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The adventure begins with a full size, gleaming silver steam engine that pulls the most fabulous carriages that wrap around the store. So jump aboard with me now and be part of the Harrods Christmas Express fantasy as we take in their uber glamorous windows.

Each carriage contains a different scene with real time magical landscapes whizzing past the windows in the background. Why not order a cocktail in the glittering piano bar or tea and macarons in the chic on-board cafe. Those of you who fancy something a little more formal can sit down at a glitzy dinner party car. There is also some seriously sexy luggage complete with dishy porters to swoon over as you sashay along the steam train going from car to car.



We have been back twice to see the windows on our travels and each time I have seen something more gorgeous to covet. I practically finished my Christmas shopping list by the second lap round. Anyway, enough of this chitter-chatter, the handsome porter is calling me aboard as we depart to another destination on the Magical Christmas Wreath Company Shopping Tour 2013......

......All aboard !


  1. I am joining the Harrods Christmas Express in full glamour! Those are fabulous and gorgeous clothes! Truly breathtaking! My dream is to travel in the Orient Express one day! Better start here at Harrods. Happy Friday!

  2. Oh Paul, this is exciting. There is nothing like the traditional Herrod's celebration to ring in the holidays both chez vous and here. THANK YOU! MORE MORE MORE! Anita

  3. Time flies, I still have vivid memories of your blog post on their Christmas display last year and now it has come full circle again, this time via Orient Express...

    Christmas and Great Gatsby Opulence combined...

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I love seeing their Christmas display. Gorgeous!

  5. Looks like Harrods have pulled it off again Paul.......just gorgeous! Am in the vicinity later, so will definitely make a detour over there! Enjoying your shopping tour...

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sophia x

  6. Realy cool, this decoration. I've never been at Harodds, London ist very big.


  7. Paul--I'm just speechless. These are the most amazing window displays I've ever seen. This is the "Great Gatsby" holiday style!! I can see why you would enjoy them over and over again. Simply amazing and gorgeous!!

    I'd love to see what you put into your shopping cart!!

    Thanks for the beautiful holiday tour!

  8. Stunning, I am floored, mesmerized, hypnotized, every word you can think of with ized! Now which dress????? Hell, all of them! I just need the setting and a place to go. Thank you Paul XOXO

  9. Oh Paul: wow!
    Such shopwindows ARE a Christmas handing out of presents - for the eyes! So beautiful! (When I was in London I had the luck to see their Great Gatsby windows and took a lot of photos - such a luck: next day the were gone!)
    But what you show exceeds it even. Wonderful view - and wonderful Orient Express. Will look the Hercule Poirot DVD this evening (of course with David Suchet) to enter that train (without a knife, of course :-)

  10. You are so sweet to make this wonderful Xmas post. I saw Harrods,but never at night.
    The Orient Express is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Harrods have excelled themselves this Christmas season. I shall not manage a trip to London, so seeing your beautifully photos is the next best thing.

  12. It looks fabulous. I really hope to get to London before Christmas to soak up the atmosphere.

  13. Dear Paul,
    I was so excited to see this fabulous post...gorgeous beyond!

    The Arts by Karena

  14. So festive! So fabulous!! So chic!!! The perfect way to kick off the holiday season. Harrods is killing it! Thanks for sharing, Paul :) Look forward to seeing your Christmas wreaths!
    Ciao ciao

  15. all aboard indeedy! very jealous

  16. Golly how did I miss this post? And those dishy porters! I'm on board with this ;D and it's sooo gorgeous. Harrods really went all out! I'd love to see it with the window views flying by! Oh to be in London... They know how to do Christmas! How nice they invited you back. I still recall last years..How did the year fly by already?

    Thanks for sharing Paul! Love!!