Sunday, 30 March 2014

What's behind door number #1?

Whilst out for a walk in Osterley Park today I happened upon this magical portal.

I do love a little mystery and intrigue and I couldn't resist daydreaming about

 what beautiful adventure might lay in wait on the other side.

An enchanted garden, a haunted mansion, a handsome gardener or perhaps a snarling rottweiler?

I was itching to turn that handle and have a peek.

What do you think is behind door number one?

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hiiiiyah! It's the weekend!

A little off topic for me today but...

As I run out the door, I wanted to share my excitement.

Its a very exciting day at Magical Manor.

Because I've taken the day off and

have just finished getting ready for a date...

with someone very special to me.

A date with the most charismatic and gorgeous creature ever.

She was my first love when we grew up together. 

She is strong and confident. 

She is the ultimate prima donna. 

She has great style.

She currently has a penchant for Vivienne Westwood.

Her fabulous head of golden hair has graced many a glossy cover.

She is a lover of nature.

I've heard we share a passion for all things green.

With the voice of an angel, her endless talents know no bounds

She can model with grace and poise. 

She swims with exceptional elegance.

She can play the trumpet with great gusto. 

Being classically trained, she can of course tap,

Her acting prowess is legendary. 

She is a trained devotee in the art of karate.

Oh yes and she can drive a truck!

Wait for me Miss Piggy, I'm on my way!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring Rocks!

Its official, it's the first day of Spring people! That makes me one happy little bunny indeed.

To celebrate this most auspicious occasion I took a bleary eyed walk round the garden this morning, randomly snipping here and there to bring some floral beauty to the table whilst enjoying my coffee.

Here's to a year of abundant gardens, joyful floriferousness and the happiness that they bring.

Spring Rocks!

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Meet Me at The Biltmore!

Having recently taken an extended vacation in order to relax mind, body and spirit, it has been a little difficult getting back into metropolis mode since returning to the UK but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

I wanted to share some little pops of colour and light that have illuminated the past few weeks for me and hope you can join me aboard my spaceship for a random trip zigzagging around planet Magical!

First stop: Coral Gables, Miami. I've been dreaming of the long, lazy breakfasts I enjoyed so much in the fountain courtyard of this gorgeous hotel only a few weeks ago.

What better way to start each day than by filling my little hamster face with all manner of maple syrup drizzled yummification, whilst listening to the sounds of Chopin accompanied by a chorus of cheeky sparrows. Absolute bliss!

So grab your sunglasses and join me for breakfast at The Biltmore, the coffee really is superb!


Of course, I made it my duty to firmly ensconce myself
at the best table next to the gilded turtle fountain.

The sparrow and I have ordered fruit salad and Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict.

What are you ordering?