Friday, 7 March 2014

Meet Me at The Biltmore!

Having recently taken an extended vacation in order to relax mind, body and spirit, it has been a little difficult getting back into metropolis mode since returning to the UK but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.

I wanted to share some little pops of colour and light that have illuminated the past few weeks for me and hope you can join me aboard my spaceship for a random trip zigzagging around planet Magical!

First stop: Coral Gables, Miami. I've been dreaming of the long, lazy breakfasts I enjoyed so much in the fountain courtyard of this gorgeous hotel only a few weeks ago.

What better way to start each day than by filling my little hamster face with all manner of maple syrup drizzled yummification, whilst listening to the sounds of Chopin accompanied by a chorus of cheeky sparrows. Absolute bliss!

So grab your sunglasses and join me for breakfast at The Biltmore, the coffee really is superb!


Of course, I made it my duty to firmly ensconce myself
at the best table next to the gilded turtle fountain.

The sparrow and I have ordered fruit salad and Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict.

What are you ordering?


  1. Oh My that sounds delicious. Really, you can't beat Florida for vacation paradise and you picked one of it's best hotels. click, I wish... Thanks for taking me away this morning ;-)

  2. Wow.....!!!
    How fantastic is your vacation,Paul!:)))
    Just inspirational and SO invited....
    Amazing photos,oh...
    I want I can be there too!

  3. Wow Paul - this was a surprise! Looks like you enjoyed a warm and colorful visit to Florida - did you go anywhere else whilst over here? Hopefully you escaped the dastardly storms in the UK - I was in tears seeing my hometown (Torquay) and the southwest coastal areas being hit by such horrific weather, so much damage.

    Hope the R&R has you re-energized and ready for Spring flowers and beautiful floral creations.
    Good to see you here today.

  4. Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict...what could be more heavenly than that! Sounds like you had a wonderful break Paul!!

  5. A sugar daddy to whisk me off here, it looks incredible, I love Coral Gables.

  6. It looks really lovely and warm. I'll take warm, thanks. It's been a very long cold and snowy winter here.

  7. I LOVED your time at The Biltmore!

  8. Well now- I knew you were on a wonderful trip to warm places-- you've landed in the lap of luxury! It looks so beautiful there-- I envy you sitting there at that perfect little table:)

    Enjoy every single minute!! Love the pictures--

  9. Oh Paul, I have stayed there a couple of times. Tell me you had the Sunday brunch, that's an event all by itself. I dare say, I sat exactly where you are sitting. The pool should be the sixth ocean...and the ballroom with the surrounding balcony...hmmm. Enjoy yourself handsome.

  10. You visit the best places, in Uk or abroad! I have not seen The Biltmore since I was a child, looks great. As do you sitting in the gorgeous palm court as you await your eggs. What a great adventure!

  11. I almost moved to Boca Raton once. I think places like this were the reason.
    I know you had a splendid time and it's the perfect time of year, well before the heat sets in.
    So happy for you and the Sparrow.
    Sending love...

  12. Hello Paul

    I am happy to see you are enjoying life and this looks exactly the vacation you need following a busy Christmas season.
    I think I shall have pancakes and fresh fruit and a large cappucino.
    Bon Appetit

  13. Very classy and grand place Paul. Love the courtyard with all the palms and fountain. I will order the same please. Did you try the swimming pool? It must be glorious just staying there. All the comfort, pampering and luxury.

  14. I see that you have left a spare seat for moi, but not sure that Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict would be for me.
    Paul, you missed out on our wonderful, saturating, wet, miserable winter!!!

  15. Gorgeous!I would order what you ordered…………..your seat was perfect!

  16. Dear Paul,
    I'm so glad to hear from you again!
    And my mouth is watering when you speak of those luscious breakfasts - it is almost torture, because here we follow Lent (no alcohol, no sweets, almost no sugar. And son&daughter-in-love even deny themselves tea&coffee -- oops...) I am not even Catholic! (husband & 'children' are - but they do it more as a sort of test, whether one is addicted to beer, Cosmopolitain cocktails and Dunhill cigarettes (son). Well - 41 days still --- though, come to think of it: I just might slip away to follow your path to that beautiful, beautiful spa!

  17. Looks fabulous Paul! At least you are home to sunshine here in the Uk!

    Sophia x

  18. Was the Dungeness crab glowing like your lovely photos (poor joke). LOVE the green painted wall. It's a reminder that we can surround ourselves with so much colour even when the sky is grey. x

  19. Sir paul!!!!!!!!! Look at those giant rabbits! I just love them and you pluck, my friend!!!!! Well let's see...whst colour are the boys supposed to think? Any colour you wish that makes you happy!!! So good to see you!

  20. Sir Paul, Welcome back! The Biltmore looks like paradise. So much luxury! It has a touch of the 'old world' too, which I like. You look pretty smart among all that green! Happy to hear you and The Sparrow had a good time.

    Please order a salade nicoise for me!

    Madelief x

  21. I had to come back properly, because when I came earlier, I was typing off my tablet and I can see I made horrible spelling errors! Sir Paul, it is so fun to read your escapades in MIAMI! WOOOO HOOOO! Now you are back home and back in business. I really love those giant rabbits, and the thought of being somewhere warm. What am I ordering? Anything with the taste of spring and summer. We've had enough of winter!


  22. wonder you're a hamster face!

    1. Hope you install a wheel for me at 822 :)

  23. Paul, Such a lovely spot! I adore the architecture and palms. What a gem. The best part of resort vacations to me are luxurious breakfasts. You and the sparrow look so cute. Love your travel style. I hope you share more of this adventure. Love living vicariously through you! xx Kim

    1. With compliments like that, Id better make sure the sparrow comes everywhere with me now:) I'm glad you enjoyed the trip too:)