Friday, 20 June 2014

Home Sweet Scented Home

After taking myself off for a week of gallivanting around the countryside, I was delighted to see that the garden had prepared the most beautiful 'Welcome Home' for me when I arrived back this afternoon.

A new wave of roses had painted a glorious splash of romance throughout the garden. Great big voluminous blooms vied for my attention from every corner of the garden, requesting I clasp each of them with both hands in order to inhale the scent that they gift on such a balmy summer's afternoon.

Wasting no time, I reached for my trusty secateurs and ran around randomly snipping all whom called my name, so that they might join me inside, whilst I reclined in Friday pose, admiring their beauty.

From left to right....
Claire Austin, James Galway, Scepter'd Isle & Evelyn

With Roses as gorgeous as this, there really is no place like home.


  1. So romantic Paul and such wonderful company on a Friday night. Beautiful.

  2. Your roses are the best Paul. Your bouquet is so lovely and must smell so good. Happy Weekend!

  3. Beautiful, mine is putting on a lot of glory just now too, peonies, old fashioned white roses, the scent in the air is heavenly in the evening, I lay on the lawn for about an hour last night just stroking it and staring at nature - best hour of the week!

  4. Dear Paul,
    Beautiful roses, beautiful vase... and of course the décor around it, starting with the little sprig of (what is it? It isn't white jasmine?) vinca ? Marble table, silver bird - and the hint of a georgeous view when you open the window, scented air wafting in.

  5. Lucky you to have such an abundance of beauty at hand. I would love to see photos of your garden!

  6. Lucky to come home to so much beauty Paul!

  7. David Austin roses are beautiful. I like everything about them, the depth of colour, the flower form and, of course, the delicious scent!

  8. I love everything about this home; decor, layout, modern aspect and especially that large opening to the beautiful back yard. Amazing!
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  9. Beautiful beautiful roses-- they look gorgeous in that blue glass vase.

  10. Lovely I'm writing down the names of these roses. They are old-school beautiful. So is your home! xx