Friday, 20 June 2014

Home Sweet Scented Home

After taking myself off for a week of gallivanting around the countryside, I was delighted to see that the garden had prepared the most beautiful 'Welcome Home' for me when I arrived back this afternoon.

A new wave of roses had painted a glorious splash of romance throughout the garden. Great big voluminous blooms vied for my attention from every corner of the garden, requesting I clasp each of them with both hands in order to inhale the scent that they gift on such a balmy summer's afternoon.

Wasting no time, I reached for my trusty secateurs and ran around randomly snipping all whom called my name, so that they might join me inside, whilst I reclined in Friday pose, admiring their beauty.

From left to right....
Claire Austin, James Galway, Scepter'd Isle & Evelyn

With Roses as gorgeous as this, there really is no place like home.


  1. So romantic Paul and such wonderful company on a Friday night. Beautiful.

  2. Your roses are the best Paul. Your bouquet is so lovely and must smell so good. Happy Weekend!

  3. Beautiful, mine is putting on a lot of glory just now too, peonies, old fashioned white roses, the scent in the air is heavenly in the evening, I lay on the lawn for about an hour last night just stroking it and staring at nature - best hour of the week!

  4. Dear Paul,
    Beautiful roses, beautiful vase... and of course the d├ęcor around it, starting with the little sprig of (what is it? It isn't white jasmine?) vinca ? Marble table, silver bird - and the hint of a georgeous view when you open the window, scented air wafting in.

  5. Lucky you to have such an abundance of beauty at hand. I would love to see photos of your garden!

  6. Lucky to come home to so much beauty Paul!

  7. David Austin roses are beautiful. I like everything about them, the depth of colour, the flower form and, of course, the delicious scent!

  8. I love everything about this home; decor, layout, modern aspect and especially that large opening to the beautiful back yard. Amazing!
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  9. Beautiful beautiful roses-- they look gorgeous in that blue glass vase.

  10. Lovely I'm writing down the names of these roses. They are old-school beautiful. So is your home! xx