Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Mermaid

Just popping in, to drop off a quick midweek snapshot on this fine Wednesday morning.

We have a new addition to the garden as of yesterday. Let me introduce you to Rosa 'Mermaid'. 

This classic English rose was bred in 1917 by esteemed Hertfordshire grower (Adam) Paul & Son who also created the infamous Paul's Himalayan Musk, Lemon Pillar & Scarlet Climber.

The gently scalloped, cream to primrose yellow single blooms, have a fabulous central crown of golden stamen, which just seem to radiate sunshine. To my romantic eyes, the crystallized stigma could actually be the Mermaid, returning to the sea with a magical splash, after an evening spent in the arms of a handsome sailor.
The whole effect is very glamorous indeed and to top it off, the scent is nothing short of swoonworthy. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday. Hold tight, the weekend is just around the corner. 



  1. What a photo Paul! You know your roses and this looks to be spectacular. x

  2. Absolutely beautiful photo ... and description!

  3. I know that she is really a Mermaid but she is one peach of a rose.

  4. I have never seen such beauty before. Wow, it must smell so fragrant. She really looks so special. I bet you are the handsome sailor watching over this beautiful mermaid.

  5. I do not have her.........I MUST INVESTIGATE!A lovely addition to your garden.........HAPPY WEEKEND!
    PS.I have never been to the show you mentioned on my fact it has been years since I have been to your country.AM reading about VITA SAKVILLE WEST at the thinks I need to pop over maybe next SPRING!

  6. What a beauty Paul! Very glamorous indeed!