Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Wigged Out

I just had to pop in to share a quick snap of one of the treasures that is currently putting on a late summer show in the garden at the moment.

I've been growing it for quite a few years now and feel its ready for its photographic debut as I have yet to see it in any of the UK gardens that I poke around in. 

So, let me introduce you to Hemerocallis 'Wigged Out' perhaps one of the most unusual diploid varieties of Daylily. It produces a gorgeous, emerald mop of a mad scientist hairdo in place of the more commonly seen blooms.

Click to Enlarge

On the rare occasion that it does flower, its rusty orange inflorescence isn't much to write home about but who cares, when in its place you get something so much more interesting. The shaggy proliferations that sit on top of three foot stems work great as cut flowers or as a pointing tool down at the local farmers market.

Who's ready to get 'Wigged Out'?